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April 4, 2019 Lorain County, Ohio opening new harm reduction clinic to help battle the opioid epidemic

April 4, 2019 Let's Address Four Common Myths About Harm Reduction

April 4, 2019 Amid HIV concerns, Georgia legalizes needle exchanges

April 4, 2019 The problems with one-size-fits-all laws on opioid prescriptions

April 4, 2019 Health department delivers more than two dozen programs to Kentucky residents in seven counties

April 4, 2019 The opioid crisis: Indianapolis, Indiana struggles to stop cycle of use and overdoses

April 4, 2019 Florida House, Senate tangle over needle exchange bills

April 4, 2019 Kennewick, Washington needle exchange draws backlash from neighbors. Here's what city plans to do about it

April 4, 2019 CDC director: stigma biggest challenge to halting HIV in Oklahoma

April 4, 2019 In its first year, Chattanooga's syringe exchange program has become about 'much more' than preventing infectious disease

April 4, 2019 Florida lawmakers again move to expand needle exchange program

April 3, 2019 For The Church of Safe Injection in Lewiston, Maine, laws get in the way of ministry

April 3, 2019 City manager addresses needle exchange concerns, in Clarksburg WV

April 3, 2019 OPINION: Cape Cod, Massachusetts should consider mobile needle exchange

April 3, 2019 Health department in Elizabethtown, Kentucky celebrates National Public Health Week

April 2, 2019 The Center for Behavioral Health in Nevada has stocked the Opioid Overdose Rescue Drug Narcan In Vending Machines In Las Vegas

April 2, 2019 OPINION: Tuscon, Arizona Woman Comments on syringe service programming as good public health

April 2, 2019 Michigan health professionals learn to tackle drug crisis, infectious disease outbreaks

April 2, 2019 Fortuna, California council OKs 1-to-1 needle exchange program

April 2, 2019 These Small-Town Heroes Are Helping Their Communities Thrive

April 2, 2019 Governor Little Signs Legislation Allowing Needle Exchanges In Idaho

April 2, 2019 Indiana’s Top Ten Felonies Cost Taxpayers Money - Possession of a syringe cases have risen in recent years

April 2, 2019 Reality vs perception: Kennewick, Washington needle exchange starting to change attitudes

April 2, 2019 Darke County, Ohio’s Republican Women’s Club will host Tia Moretti with Columbus Public Health, who assisted with setting up a needle exchange program 

April 2, 2019 US Health Chief Announces Support For Needle Exchange Programs

April 1, 2019 'Chemsex' risk messages should target all, survey suggests

March 25, 2019 For those with a loved one at risk of overdose, Beckley-Raleigh, West Virginia County Health Department and the Quick Response Team want to help

March 25, 2019 North Carolina Council of Churches say to address the opioid crisis, expand Medicaid

March 25, 2019 Preventive medicine expert Ricky Bluthenthal is leading the effort to pursue fairness in health and well-being at the Keck School of Medicine of USC’s new Office for Social Justice

March 24, 2019 OPINION: Collaboration in Erie County, New York helping to prevent opioid deaths - working with drug users to help them adopt safer practices

March 24, 2019 Syringe Access Program Founder Develops Post-Overdose Linkage & Care Program with emergency room and other community-based organizations in Gaston County, North Carolina

March 10, 2019 Cabell-Huntington, West Virginia Health Department is taking in more syringes than it is giving out, according to department statistics for 2017 and 2018

March 9, 2019 Officials are eyeing a July 1 launch for a $2 million state-funded pilot project aimed at bolstering the community’s response to the opioid overdose problem in West Virginia’s Berkeley and Jefferson counties

March 9, 2019 Evanston, Illinois addiction counselor create app to fight drug overdoses

March 8, 2019 Fact Check: How are IV Drug Users Cleaning Needles?

March 8, 2019 The Fortuna, California City Council May Adopt an Ordinance to Regulate Needle Exchanges in the City

March 8, 2019 Kennewick, Washington needle exchange program in search for a new home

March 8, 2019 Watertown, Utica, and Syracuse, New York Needle Exchanges Offering Test Strips

March 8, 2019 LGBT Texas HIV stigma as an obstacle for prevention

March 8, 2019 Needle Exchanges More Than Double in Ohio

March 8, 2019 Congress should condemn Trump's shoddy drug strategy

March 7, 2019 Kenosha, Wisconsin needle exchange now assessing the need for a mobile unit

March 7, 2019 Questions remain after West Asheville lifts needle-exchange zoning violation

March 7, 2019 Community working together to address addiction crisis in Nelson County, Kentucky

March 7, 2019 Chico, California group takes compassionate approach to addressing deadly illicit drug use

March 7, 2019 New Jersey needs more methadone to fight OD deaths, health chief says

March 7, 2019 Florida Senate panel pushes forward expansion of needle exchange program

March 6, 2019 Legislation supporting needle exchange programs in Iowa moves forward

March 6, 2019 Kennewick, Washington doctor apologizes for rush to open needle exchange. He feared a public health 'disaster'

February 27, 2019 Needle-Exchange Programs Cost-Effective Way to Reduce Hepatitis C Among Drug Users: New Study Out of U.K.

February 27, 2019 North Carolina reporter “When I Used Heroin, I Didn’t Know Needle-Syringe Programmes Existed” The situation here in the US is better now. There is more awareness about, and access to, NSPs - but there is still a long way to go.

February 27, 2019 New research shows opioid epidemic occurring in waves and Ohio may be a model in stemming the tide

February 26, 2019 Blue Mountain Heart to Heart Brings Needle Exchange to Pendleton, Washington, Profile of Services Offered

February 26, 2019 Georgia House OKs needle exchange bill to fight HIV

February 26, 2019 OPINION on Needle Exchange and Drug Use Trends in Huntington, West Virginia

February 26, 2019 AIDS Support Group Shows Great Need For Services In Falmouth, Massachusetts

February 25, 2019 Viral documentary cites "meth epidemic" in Fresno, California; officials argue epidemic isn't the right word

February 25, 2019 Boston, MA Hidden Faces of the Opioid Epidemic

February 25, 2019 Rural Maine - What do we do about the overdose epidemic? Five Ideas.

February 25, 2019 Fewer hospital programs address opioid abuse, Ohio University study finds

February 25, 2019 Arizona fails to implement key health policies, report finds

February 25, 2019 Experts Say California Can Improve Community Health Through Policy Change

February 24, 2019 Seven New Jersey Needle Exchange Centers Expanding Operations

February 24, 2019 Center of Port Huron, Michigan growing services, addressing zoning issues

February 24, 2019 More Cowlitz County, Washington syringe exchange clients seeking treatment

February 24, 2019 Manistee County, Michigan agencies to host Regional Opioid Symposium

February 24, 2019 Recovery Resource expands outreach programs in Berkeley County, West Virginia

February 23, 2019 OPINION: Churches have role to play in opioid epidemic in Mississippi

February 22, 2019 Opioid-related deaths strike DC, eastern states

February 22, 2019 Alliance for a Drug-Free Owensboro-Daviess County working on strategic plan

February 22, 2019 Across North Carolina, Police Make Fundamental Shift To Addressing Opioid-Related Crime

February 22, 2019 OPINION: Licking County, Ohio Health Board's needle exchange vote was cowardly

February 21, 2019 Promoting Health and Cost Control in States: How States Can Improve Community Health & Well-being Through Policy Change

February 21, 2019 AIDS Support Group To Host Information Session in East Falmouth, Massachusetts

February 21, 2019 Two bills tackling HIV epidemic move forward in Georgia House

February 21, 2019 More States Say Doctors Must Offer Overdose Reversal Drug Along With Opioids

February 21, 2019 They lost sons to addiction. Now they’re pushing for needle exchange to go beyond Miami, Florida
February 21, 2019 Appalachian drug user battled hep A and addiction

February 21, 2019 Drug Needle Program in process of coming to Shelby County, Kentucky

February 21, 2019 Arizona one step closer to legalizing needle exchanges for people who inject drugs

February 21, 2019 Jackson, Michigan's State of the City address touts work with Jackson Harm Reduction and the Interfaith Shelter on policy changes to allow for a needle exchange program in the city

February 21, 2019 About Community Hope Alliance in Randolph County, North Carolina

February 20, 2019 Health director briefs Danville, Kentucky Rotary on vaccinations, syringe exchange

February 20, 2019 Florida Senate Health Policy Committee supported a measure to expand syringe access

February 20, 2019 Report on the needle exchange program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

February 20, 2019 How Fentanyl Hysteria Leads to Harmful and Ineffective Drug Laws

February 19, 2019 Georgia State Lawmakers Push To Legalize Needle Exchanges

February 19, 2019 EMT will make house calls to help New Hampshire connect drug users to services

February 19, 2019 OPINION: Public Funding Authorized for Southern Colorado Harm Reduction Association

February 19, 2019 City of Henderson, Kentucky passes resolution for Needle Exchange Program

February 19, 2019 Scott County Fiscal Court and Georgetown City Council, Kentucky Syringe Access Approvals Lead to Question Over Utilization

February 18, 2019 Fearing Measure Will Fail For Second Year, Supporters Of Arizona Needle Exchange Bill Intend To Hold Hearing This Week

February 18, 2019 Louisville, Kentucky budget crisis may threaten harm reduction services - housing and syringe access

February 18, 2019 Dubuque, Iowa group to host concert to support harm-prevention efforts and Senate Bill that would authorize them

February 18, 2019 Iowa Senator Discuss Syringe Access at Knoxville Meet and Greet

February 18, 2019 'Drastic changes' to address how Atlantic City, New Jersey handles social services

February 17, 2019 Iowa GOP lawmaker among advocates who support syringe access authorization

February 16, 2019 Treatment of opioid crisis in central Maine gets a boost

February 16, 2019 Prescription restrictions will not solve Iowa's opioid problems - Iowa needs a safe, legal needle program as illicit opioid deaths continue to rise

February 16, 2019 Fighting AIDS domestically and globally means pushing more evidence-based services

February 15, 2019 Drug epidemic pilot project announced for Berkeley and Jefferson, West Virginia counties

February 15, 2019 Hopkinsville, Kentucky-area agencies discuss syringe exchange program

February 14, 2019 Opioid Epidemic Will Get Worse, Researchers Say

February 14, 2019 Davenport, Indiana group advocating for syringe service program

February 14, 2019 Falmouth, Massachusetts Health Board Upholds Syringe Exchange Decision

February 14, 2019 Pasco, Washington's ousted needle exchange program needs a new home so it can save lives

February 14, 2019 Pasco, Washington needle exchange program loses lease on location

February 14, 2019 Why the US Surgeon General touts health benefits of needle exchanges, which are illegal in Arizona

February 14, 2019 HIV spike among people who inject drugs worries Massachusetts health officials

February 14, 2019 Tippecanoe Co., Indiana Needle Exchange To Purchase Second Mobile Unit

February 14, 2019 Study shows King County, Washington's treatment funding is making progress

February 14, 2019 New Fund Seeks to Redefine Opioid Crisis Response

February 14, 2019 Southern Maryland Forum wrestles with tradeoffs in opioid crisis

February 14, 2019 Some shocking discoveries behind Delaware's overdose epidemic

February 13, 2019 State of New Jersey to Launch Local Needle Exchanges, Enhance Services at Current Sites

February 13, 2019 Opioid Overdoses Are Up, Deaths Are Down: The Latest From Massachusetts

February 12, 2019 Needle exchange is ‘all about recovery’ - Whidbey Island, Washington

February 12, 2019 Needle exchange program in Pueblo, Colorado has been given some much-needed funds from city council

February 12, 2019 Cecil County, Maryland Health dept. prepares needle exchange program

February 12, 2019 'Treatment On Demand' pilot program - partnering with syringe access program - launched in Denver, Colorado to help with drug use

February 12, 2019 In Lewiston, Maine and beyond, ‘Church Of Safe Injection' Offers Needles, Naloxone To Prevent Opioid Overdoses

February 12, 2019 Vaccines and other services to be cut from Louisville, Kentucky's health department under city's budget shortfall

February 12, 2019 Wellington, Ohio needle exchange off to slow start

February 12, 2019 OPINION Poor results in overdose crisis management call for a shift to harm reduction

February 12, 2019 NIMBY Issues at New York City’s Penn Plaza

February 11, 2019 Founder Of Indiana Recovery Alliance To Step Down Amid Move

February 11, 2019 Cave City, Kentucky Council says 'no' to needle exchange program

February 11, 2019 Kentucky Senate Leader Proposes Limit on Needle Exchanges

February 11, 2019 Needle exchange program called “Prevention Point” at the Brown County, Ohio Health Department is picking up speed

February 11, 2019 Tackling the HIV Epidemic on Both Sides of the River - Cincinnati, Ohio and Hamilton County, Kentucky

February 8, 2019 Improvements reported in opioid and health indicators in Clark County, Indiana

February 8, 2019 Berea, Kentucky Mayor: support services key to fighting drug epidemic

February 7, 2019 Health department looks to bring syringe program to Gaylord, Michigan

February 7, 2019 Vermont state recommendations to combat opioid crisis include $1 million appropriated for the syringe access program in 2019

February 7, 2019 Outgoing leader of Spokane, Washington Regional Health District's needle exchange program reflects on career in interview

February 7, 2019 Logan County, Ohio District Board of Health members unanimously passed a resolution approving the start of a Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention Program

February 6, 2019 An Invisible Fentanyl Crisis Is Emerging on Mexico's Northern Border

February 6, 2019 Drug users fear consequences of Grays Harbor County, Washington’s syringe exchange potentially ending June 30

February 6, 2019 First day for Green River District, Kentucky needle exchange program

February 6, 2019 Douglas and Champaign, Illinois counties syringe exchange programs can help with disease prevention

February 6, 2019 OPINION: Queen Anne’s County, Maryland needs syringe program

February 6, 2019 Holyoke lost a harm reduction hero in the passing of Tim Purington

February 6, 2019 Johnson County, Kentucky’s Health Department still advocating for needle exchange

February 5, 2019 Southern New Hampshire HIV/AIDS Task Force monitoring the spread of Hepatitis A and hoping to expand its needle-exchange program

February 5, 2019 Missouri House Democrats outline health care agenda, including syringe access

February 4, 2019 Fortuna, California City Council meeting gets heated over needle exchange

February 4, 2019 'Tamper-proof' OxyContin may have helped spread Hepatitis C

February 4, 2019 An Iowa state needle exchange program would be created under legislation that passed out of a Senate subcommittee

February 4, 2019 Appalachia's Fight to Lessen the Impact of Substance Misuse - A needle-exchange program in Virginia is a good first step—but isn’t enough by itself

February 4, 2019 Middletown, Ohio program that removes needles from the streets saw a big boost in 2018

February 3, 2019 All About Equity Chronic disparities exist in health care accessibility, but local Richmond, Virginia champions seek to level the field

February 4, 2019 Alaska’s 4As provides mobile needle exchange to the Mat-Su

February 3, 2019 Hepatitis C on rise in St. Lawrence County, New York public health encourages testing

February 1, 2019 New Scott County, Indiana Sheriff Taking Aggressive Stance On Drugs - advocates worry about how the aggressive stance on drugs could impact rehabilitation efforts in the county at the heart of a devastating HIV outbreak

February 1, 2019 Study: Illicit opioid deaths to rise by 147 percent by 2025

February 1, 2019 Analysis Estimates Impact of Interventions on Global HCV Epidemic

February 1, 2019 Daviess County, Kentucky's syringe exchange program opens Wednesday

February 1, 2019 Cabell-Huntington, West Virginia Health Department: Opioid epidemic fueling rise in strokes

January 31, 2019 Faith leaders are fighting the Bronx opioid crisis on the ground

January 31, 2019 Public health programs are working to address drugs at the border — a wall won't help

January 31, 2019 Orange County's Only Needle Exchange Continues Fight to Reopen

January 31, 2019 San Francisco, California has more drug users than public high school students

January 31, 2019 Humboldt county, California’s opioid epidemic 

January 31, 2019 Maine Coalition for Sensible Drug Policy calls for efforts to end the stigma attached to substance use disorder and invest in harm-reduction strategies

January 30, 2019 Pueblo's Southern Colorado Harm Reduction Association needs money

January 30, 2019 Cincinnati, Ohio Agencies use data to target opioid epidemic

January 30, 2019 Three Rivers, Kentucky to implement 'harm reduction' program

January 29, 2019 Needle Exchanges Respond to suspected carfentanil in Pueblo, Colorado drug supply

January 29, 2019 New Syringe Exchange Program in Jackson County, Oregon

January 28, 2019 Opioid Crisis: Oregon Syringe Exchanges a "Gateway" to Help

January 28, 2019 The Church Of Safe Injection Offers Coffee, Clean Syringes And Narcan

January 28, 2019 Oregon Syringe Exchanges a "Gateway" to Help

January 28, 2019 West Virginia syringe access program sees 30 people in first year

January 28, 2019 OPINION: Northern Kentucky As a region, we are unhealthy; prioritizing health is good for business

January 27, 2019 History column: Boulder, Colorado County Public Health was progressive with 1989 needle exchange

January 27, 2019 Wisconsin HIV infections stabilizing over years

January 27, 2019 Needle exchange in Florida gains new support to go statewide

January 26, 2019 Emergency CDC funding beefs up Western North Carolina response to opioid crisis

January 26, 2019 Needle-exchange approved in Scott County, Kentucky; moves to city for approval

January 25, 2019 Powerful Kentucky senator opposes needle exchange, wants to limit syringe handouts

January 25, 2019 AIDS Support Group Drops Plans For East Falmouth, Massachusetts Facility

January 25, 2019 House health committee chair opposes Thayer’s bill to restrict local syringe exchanges

January 25, 2019 A program to promote safer drug use and other initiatives seek to mitigate the toll of the opioid epidemic in metro Richmond, Virginia

January 25, 2019 Details About Laurel County, Kentucky Needle Exchange

January 25, 2019 Todd County, Kentucky Looking Into A Needle Exchange Program

January 25, 2019 New research from Cabell-Huntington, West Virginia Health Department tracks intravenous drug use in rural areas

January 25, 2019 Health and county officials of Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington consider syringe exchange solutions

January 25, 2019 Bill in Kentucky senate would limit number of syringes that needle exchanges hand out

January 25, 2019 Needle exchange growing closer to reality in Henderson, Kentucky

January 25, 2019 Volunteers and local organizations bring services to Grant County, Washington's homeless

JANUARY 24, 2019 Louisville, Kentucky Opioid Task Force Employment symposium to teach benefits of hiring people recovering from addiction

January 24, 2019 Are Needle Exchange Programs Working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

January 24, 2019 Kanawha-Charleston, West Virginia Health Department to possibly offer medication-assisted treatment

January 24, 2019 A Fight to Do No Harm: Strategies embraced elsewhere to curb the impact of drug addiction still face obstacles in the U.S.

January 22, 2019 Boost access to syringe exchange to curb Cincinnati, Ohio HIV spike, CDC tells local health officials

January 23, 2019 OPINION: Needle exchange programs are needed within Texas communities

January 23, 2019 Amid Opioid Crisis, Epidemiologist Urges Tallahassee, Florida’s League of Women Voters To Support New Bill

January 23, 2019 Hagerstown Church and Health Department start Harm Reduction Program in Maryland

January 23, 2019 Spotlight analysis: Pennsylvania’s response to the opioidepidemic in three areas: substance use disorder treatment, pain management and harm reduction

January 22, 2019 Mayors of Ithaca, N.Y. and Santa Fe, N.M for The Hill: cities can, must and are taking the lead in stopping the damage done both by drug use and by the drug war

January 22, 2019 Tippecanoe County’s syringe services program is worried about a proposed Indiana Senate bill requiring identity proof from its program’s participants

January 20, 2019 Rowan County, North Carolina Begins to Consider Syringe Services Program

January 20, 2019 Harm Reduction program growing soon in Lewis County, WV

January 18, 2019 Needle exchange returns to Camden, New Jersey, but few use its services

January 18, 2019 Florida lawmakers seek to expand needle exchange program

January 18, 2019 New Location Sought For Falmouth, Massachusetts  Needle Exchange

January 18, 2019 AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod backs away from Falmouth, Massachusetts  needle exchange location

January 17, 2019 Palm Beach County, Florida elected leaders call for state funding (prohibited by the bills introduced in the legislature) for syringe access programs

January 17, 2019 Opioids blamed for increase in San Luis Obispo County, California HIV and hep. C cases

January 17, 2019 Harm reduction in Cabarrus County, New Jersey: Where do we stand?

January 17, 2019 Health care-related bills we're watching in Arizona

January 17, 2019 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania city council approves Overbrook needle exchange

January 17, 2019 Northern Valley Harm Reduction Coalition in Chico, California Takes Action to Stop Overdoses

January 16, 2019 "Church of Safe Injection" Lewiston, Maine-based Founder Hopes to Save Lives Through Needle Exchange

January 16, 2019 Anderson, Kentucky health board tables decision on needle exchange

January 16, 2019 Falmouth Board of Health board to reconsider approval of needle exchange site

January 16, 2019 A needle for a needle: Thayer sponsors amendment for syringe exchange

January 15, 2019 Public meetings in Fairfield, Ohio to address questions about infectious disease prevention program

January 15, 2019 Cave City, Kentucky Council considers needle exchange program

January 15, 2019 How Dennis Cauchon, a Former 'USA Today' Reporter, Became a Leading Voice for Needle Exchanges in Ohio

January 14, 2019 Barren County, Kentucky's Syringe Exchange Busy in Its First 10 Months

January 12, 2019 Pointed debate: Health and safety officials bemoan end of Gray’s Harbor County, Washington’s syringe exchange

January 12, 2019 Needle-exchange program under consideration by Scott County, kentucky gets second life

January 11, 2019 Boyle County, Kentucky needle exchange program hits 2 years; director says it's making strides and creating change

January 11, 2019 Inside Appalachia: In-depth Look at Needle Exchange Programs Fighting the Opioid Crisis

January 11, 2019 Kentucky Senate leader seeks to limit needle exchange programs

January 11, 2019 Moses Lake, Washington’s Grant County health district moving syringe exchange indoors for winter

January 11, 2019 Harm Reduction Experts Speak about Science and Solutions at West Virginia University Panel

January 10, 2018 A Community of Recovery - Dayton, Ohio’s Compassionate, Collective Approach to the Opioid Crisis

January 10, 2019 Eugene, Oregon’s HIV Alliance and Trans*Ponder provide clean needles to people who inject hormones

January 10, 2019 Kentucky Senate leader Thayer files bill that would end Louisville's needs-based model for syringe exchange

January 10, 2019 Madison County, Indiana dealing with hepatitis A outbreak

January 9, 2018 Falmouth, Massachusetts Health Board To Hold Public Forum On Needle Exchange

January 9, 2019 A new needle exchange program in Edgar County, Indiana might cause controversy

January 9, 2019 Frederick County Council votes to approve Maryland state grant for van for needle-exchange program

January 9, 2019 Hepatitis C continuing to spread in West Virginia

January 9, 2019 From Lewiston, Maine to 18 branches in 8 states: the Church Of Safe Injection

January 9, 2018 STEP TN in Johnson City, Tennessee seeks laundry detergent bottles for syringe trade program

January 9, 2019 Finding the helpers: Charlottesville, Virginia Locals offer addiction support

January 9, 2019 Kitsap, Washington health board opens debate on syringe exchange

January 9, 2019 New Needle Exchange Site Proposed For south Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanie

January 9, 2019 State lawmakers in Iowa likely to push legislation to pave way for needle exchanges

January 9, 2019 As HIV and overdoses soar, Orlando, Florida deserves access to needle exchange 

January 9, 2019 City, Legislative, healthcare officials push for syringe services in Dubuque, Iowa

January 8, 2019 Five groups successfully fighting addiction in Newark, Ohio, that could serve as a model for others around the country.

January 7, 2019 Florida lawmakers try again to expand needle exchange program throughout state

January 7, 2019 Bill Would Allow Needle Exchange Programs Across Florida

January 7, 2019 University of Illinois at Chicago needle exchange and HIV testing site on west side offers expanded medical services

January 7, 2019 West Virginia University set to host panel about harm reduction programs

January 7, 2019 How Davenport, Iowa's proposed zoning law may impact proposed needle exchange

January 7, 2018 Some Drug Users in Western U.S. Seek Out Deadly Fentanyl. Here’s Why.

January 6, 2019 Syringe Access Program Comments on Arizona's “horrific” anti-opioid videos

January 6, 2018 Boyd, Kentucky needle exchange sees strong demand

January 6, 2019 Growing opioid crisis adds to Puerto Rico's problems

January 6, 2019 LA Review of Books Publishes Interview of Ryan Hampton by Travis Lupick on book entitled American Fix: Inside the Opioid Addiction Crisis — and How to End It

January 6, 2019 Anne Arundel, Maryland health officials fear second drug crisis amid barriers to harm reduction programming

January 5, 2018 Detroit, Michigan communities reflect on state ban on funding for fentanyl testing strips

January 5, 2019 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Native American Group Starts Movement to Help Violence and Trafficking Victims and delivers harm reduction kits to women who use drugs

January 5, 2019 Norwich, New London, and 6 other municipalities in Connecticut get new grants to address addiction

January 5, 2019 Lompoc, California publication comments: Needles, policies and risk

January 3, 2019 Newly-elected sheriff talks tough on limiting Austin, Indiana needle exchange - the site of a major injection drug use fueled HIV outbreak from 2011-on

January 3, 2019 #22 Of HIV Plus Magazine’s Amazing People Living with HIV is Greg Gonsalves, who mapped the impact if a needle exchange had been implemented earlier in Scott County, Indiana HIV outbreak

January 3, 2019 Small crowd attends forum on needle exchange in Grayson County, Kentucky

January 3, 2019 Fayette County, West Virginia Health Department donated puncture proof gloves for the police

January 3, 2019 Needle exchange programs approved, but slow to roll out in Virginia

January 3, 2019 Spokane, Washington needle exchange data shows meth is as Big as Opioids, but is Being Overlooked

January 2, 2019 Central Arkansas Harm Reduction Project hotline provides free naloxone kits

January 2, 2019 Brandie Wilson, the executive director and founder of the Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction, was named by The New York Times as one of “18 Memorable People We Met Across the Country in 2018.”

January 2, 2019 Iredell, North Carolina opioid deaths increased, advocates aim outreach to save lives

January 1, 2019 Regina LaBelle Contributes Harm Reduction Policy Outlook to The Hill

January 1, 2019 New 'Church' Wants To Save Lives — By Offering A Safe Place To Shoot Up

December 31, 2018 Iowa Harm Reductionist Recognized as “10 to watch in 2019”

December 31, 2018 Members of Portland, Oregon neighborhood group accused of harassing people attending needle exchange

December 31, 2018 Georgetown, Kentucky Magistrates Kill Needle Exchange Legislation

December 31, 2018 Harm Reduction Group Criticizes Arizona Scare Tactics

December 30, 2018 Opioid Deaths In Teens And Children Almost Tripled In The Past 20 Years

December 30, 2018 Battling opioid epidemic: Countywide 'Syringe Exchange Program' raises concerns in Lompoc, California

December 30, 2018 Lynn Everson provides safety and support through needle exchange program in Spokane, Washington

December 30, 2018 Year-End Reflection on March 2018 Report on Needle Exchange at Catholic Hospital in Kentucky

December 29, 2018 2018 in review: 10 Western North Carolina health and wellness topics that mattered - Steady Collective needle exchange faces zoning ordinance violation

December 29, 2018 Indiana bills filed: tax credits, smoking, needle exchange registry

December 29, 2018 Frederick Co., Maryland Council Scheduled To Vote On Budget Adjustment On Jan. 8th to fund mobile unit for needle exchange

December 28, 2018 CDC: West Virginia synthetic opioid deaths up, prescription opioid deaths down

December 28, 2018 Opioid crisis: Why a syringe hangs from a tree in South Carolina, Greenville

December 27, 2018 Falmouth Health Board, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Refers Complaints About Location of Needle Exchange To Town Counsel

December 27, 2018 The State Of Harm Reduction Around The Globe

December 27, 2018 Top stories 2018 New Hampshire’s Seacoast Online | No. 5: Glimmer of hope in opioid crisis

December 27, 2018 Virginia Needle Exchange Programs Still Working To Find Acceptance

December 27, 2018 Wayne County, Indiana exchange takes in more needles than it hands out for first time

December 26, 2018 Health Right wants to stop using retractable needles in Charleston, West Virginia

December 26, 2018 The simple idea that could help end America’s opioid epidemic

December 26, 2018 Amphetamine hospitalizations increasing every year in Spokane, Washington, rivaling opioids

December 26, 2018 Clatsop County, Oregon needle exchange has surprising results after first year

December 26, 2018 On front line of opioids battle, resources are scarce and victories are few

December 24, 2018 North Carolina DHHS reports impact of combating opioid epidemic in state

December 23, 2018 The dangerous stigma against pregnant women addicted to opioids

December 21, 2018 Alliance for Living to launch New London, Connecticut mobile syringe exchange service

December 21, 2018 Advocates Urge Arizona Gov. Ducey To Legalize Needle Exchanges

December 20, 2018 Video of overdose in Sacramento, California policy custody offers a rare look at the complicated dynamic between law enforcement and substance users desperately trying to avoid arrest

December 20, 2018 ONDCP National drug policy director tours Huntington, West Virginia

December 20, 2018 Syringe access and disposal site opened in Greenfield, Massachusetts

December 20, 2018 Butte, Montana’s Rainbow + Community Center dissolves needle exchange program

December 20, 2018 State Takes New Direction, Pledging to End AIDS Epidemic in New Jersey

December 19, 2018 Philanthropies and Federal Agencies Seek Better Coordinated Responses to Opioids in Rural America

December 19, 2018 Owensboro, Kentucky (Daviess County) needle exchange offers 'safe and secure' drug recovery

December 19, 2018 Hepatitis C and drug abuse often go hand in hand, but screening for infection lags

December 18, 2018 Thousands of Hawaii teens admit to injecting illegal drugs — and help for these users is hard to find

December 18, 2018 Syringe Service Program sees 600+ clients in first 6 months of operations in Knoxville, Tennessee

December 17, 2018 Newspaper Editorial Board Voices Support for Port Huron, Michigan needle exchange

December 17, 2018 UN Office on Drugs and Crime's Opioid Strategy Ignores What's Most Proven to Work

December 17, 2018 Hepatitis A outbreak concerns New Mexico health officials

December 15, 2018 Prescott, Arizona Community mourns those dead from drug, alcohol use

December 14, 2018 Butte, Montana AIDS Support Services, Friends with a Point now housed at Rainbow + Community Center

December 13, 2018 Tapestry in Springfield, Massachusetts opening new needle exchange program

December 13, 2018 Central Arkansas Harm Reduction Project - A grassroots initiative provides free naloxone and other life-saving resources.

December 12, 2018 Austin, Indiana man can't kick addiction, but he avoids HIV with needle exchange

December 12, 2018 Arizona funds county overdose fatality review team, Sonoran Prevention Works Comments

December 11, 2018 Missouri State proposals would lessen HIV-related penalties, protect needle-exchange programs

December 11, 2018 More people than ever are dying from opioid overdoses. But not in Miami-Dade, Florida.

December 11, 2018 A Promising Way to Help Drug Users Is ‘Severely Lacking’ Around the World, Report Says

December 9, 2018 Hep A cases slowing down in Boyd, surrounding Kentucky counties

December 9, 2018 Kingman, Arizona Harm Reduction Program provides measures needed to save lives

December 9, 2018 Syringe Exchange Program To Open In Falmouth, Massachusetts

December 8, 2018 Grant to help Opioid Action Team expand services to Norwich, Connecticut

December 8, 2018 Kitsap, Washington syringe exchange program faces uncertain future

December 8, 2018 Scott County, Kentucky magistrates to vote on needle-exchange

December 8, 2018 Milwaukee task forces release recommendations, including syringe access

December 7, 2018 Daviess County, Kentucky commissioners approve syringe access exchange program

December 6, 2018 Harm Reduction Center in Las Vegas offered free Plan B pills

December 6, 2018 Seattle's needle exchanges offer direct path to beating addiction

December 5, 2018 Butte County, California organization seeks to reduce drug overdoses

December 5, 2018 PIRE Project: Evaluation of Vermont’s Opioid Harm Reduction Strategies 

December 5, 2018 Health officials unveil Baton Rouge, Louisiana Community-wide Response Plan to the Opioid Epidemic

December 5, 2018 Decision on Grays Harbor, Washington syringe exchange program postponed

December 5, 2018 City of Rio Dell, CA clarifies syringe exchange confusion

December 4, 2018 Grays Harbor, Washington's Syringe Exchange Program could end

December 4, 2018 Rio Dell, CA will not proceed with needle exchange program, considers ban

December 3, 2018 Opioid Crisis Linked to Spike in Infective Endocarditis in North Carolina

December 3, 2018 Is Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” Disrespectful to OD Victim-Ex Mac Miller?

December 3, 2018 Two Missouri state representatives pre-file bills to change HIV and syringe access policies

December 3, 2018 Milwaukee Leaders Release Recommendations To Curb Drug Overdoses

December 3, 2018 Needle and Syringe Programme Shutdown in California's Orange County

December 3, 2018 Fighting the Drug War in Rural North Carolina’s Budget Motels and Prisons

December 3, 3018 Needle exchange will move to new neighborhood in Lafayette, Indiana in 2019

December 2, 2018 Opioid Epidemic: Highest Rate Of Overdose Deaths Found In D.C.

December 2, 2018 Reducing risk: How Peoria County helps save the lives of drug users

December 2, 2018 Steady Collective hopes needle collection in East Asheville, North Carolina makes area safer for all

December 1, 2018 Reducing the risk of readmission by talking about substance abuse before discharge

November 30, 2018 Needle exchange programs look to combat diseases in Kentucky

November 30, 2018 It's the 30th Anniversary of World AIDS Day on Saturday, and Some States Still Don't use Syringe Exchanges as Prevention (Miami, Florida)

November 30, 2018 How Charleston, West Virginia Needle Exchange Closure Affects Perception of Harm Reduction Policy

November 30, 2018 Indiana Recovery Alliance Brings On More Staff With Private Donation

November 30, 2018 Rural Michigan areas face HIV risk

November 30, 2018 Beloit College, Iowa honors World AIDS Day with event

November 30, 2018 Radio Interview in Miami, Florida Intersection: The Battle Against HIV/AIDs And The Task Still Ahead

November 30, 2018 Diving deep into Harm Reduction Part 5: How Needle Exchange Closure Affects Perception of Harm Reduction Policy

November 30, 2018 Governor Cuomo Announces New York State is on Track to End the AIDS Epidemic by the End of 2020

November 30, 2018 Worlds AIDS Day: An update on HIV in King County, Washington | 300% increase in HIV among people who inject drugs

November 29, 2018 Mike Pence Honors World AIDS Day After Fueling HIV Outbreak In His State

November 29, 2018 Life Expectancy Is Going Down Because of ODs and Suicides

November 29, 2018 Shut-Down of Orange County Needle Exchange Program a Win for Backwards Thinking

November 29, 2018 Unreported Berkeley County, West Virginia opioid-overdose figures surface

November 29, 2018 New data shows drug overdose climbed at alarming rates in 2017 - Wilmington, North Carolina

November 29, 2018 What You Should Know about the Thurston County, Washington Syringe Services Program

November 29, 2018 OPINION: Central Kentucky citizen would like to see syringe exchange program implemented

November 29, 2018 OPINION: Bad policy denies vital resource to those struggling with drugs

November 29, 2018 Not all of Fairfield, Ohio council in support of program offering needle exchange

November 29, 2018 Diving Deep into Harm Reduction Part 4: Best Practices vs. Community Acceptance - Charleston, West Virginia

November 29, 2018 Moab, Utah collecting discarded syringes as drug use increases

November 28, 2018 Needle exchanges help combat the opioid crisis. But officials keep shutting them down.

November 28, 2018 Boone, NC AppHealthCare receives grant funds to strengthen harm reduction services for justice-involved persons

November 28, 2018 Emerging harm reduction program in Tulsa, Oklahoma

November 28, 2018 Opioid Use Disorder: Strategic Grant Making Can Reduce Harm And Increase Hope

November 27, 2018 World Health Organization Why the HIV epidemic is not over

November 27, 2018 OPINION: Not much heroin on University of Iowa campus, yet let's not Ignore it

November 27, 2018 Diving Deep into Harm Reduction Part 2: Public Safety and Public Health Charleston, West Virginia

November 27, 2018 Judge blocks a state-approved mobile needle-exchange service from operating as proposed in Costa Mesa and three other Orange County, California cities

November 27, 2018 Five Ways to Make a Difference on World AIDS Day

November 26, 2018 Nash County, North Carolina Awarded $20,000 Emergency Overdose: Local Mitigation to Opioid Crisis grant - strategy to expand syringe exchange program

November 26, 2018 Diving Deep into Harm Reduction Pt. 1: Why W.Va.'s Largest Needle Exchange Closed Radio series includes How the Charleston Needle Exchange Closure Impacts the Rest of W.Va.

November 26, 2018 Smyth County, Virginia's plan for combatting drug crisis, including needle exchange, advances

November 26, 2018 Lewiston, Maine police tell mobile needle exchange program to halt distribution

Fall Issue - Drug Users Think E-Zine

November 25, 2018 This City’s Overdose Deaths Have Plunged. Can Others Learn From It? Dayton, Ohio, had one of the highest overdose death rates in the nation in 2017. The city made many changes, and fatal overdoses are down more than 50 percent from last year.

November 25, 2018 Statesville-Mooresville, NC diversion program ‘very productive’

November 24, 2018 Harm reduction is the right way to treat drug abuse - Europe should re-embrace an approach it pioneered

November 22, 2018 Syringe exchange demand spikes while funding drops

November 22, 2018 Heart surgery, counseling may reduce infection-related deaths among drug users

November 21, 2018 Thanksgiving Throws Spotlight on Family Members Missing Due to the War on Drugs

November 21, 2018 Community Backlash Puts Orange County, California Needle Exchange Program on Hold

November 21, 2018 OPINION: Time for NJ to declare commitment to ending AIDS

November 20, 2018 Meth Use Is Rising In Boston, Intensifying The Opioid Crisis

November 20, 2018 Greenville, OH Needle Exchange at Medical Center Discusses Low Participation

November 20, 2018 Firestorm Books & Coffee Appeals Asheville, NC City's Attempt to Shut Down Syringe Exchange Program

November 20, 2018 Rural AIDS Action Network is on the front line for the battle against hepatitis C Duluth, Grand Rapids, Mankato, Moorhead and St. Cloud, Minnesota

November 20, 2018 A burst of new HIV cases and a continuing barrage of hepatitis C in Greater Cincinnati ushered in a year of new needle-exchange sites in the region

November 20, 2018 Henderson, KY County OKs needle exchange

November 20, 2018 A Vermont needle exchange isn’t just giving out syringes. It’s offering treatment on the spot.

November 19, 2018 Roanoke, Virginia city leaders remain at odds over possible needle exchange program

November 19, 2018 Conference advocates for needle exchange programs in Virginia

November 18, 2018 Richmond, Indiana Ordinance would limit where a new needle exchange could be set up

November 18, 2018 Smyth County, Virginia gets approval to open state's third needle exchange

November 18, 2018 PASCO, WA County commissioner-elect doubts needle exchange

November 17, 2018 Harm reduction clinic planned in Seymour, Indiana - syringes not offered: A needle exchange would require approval from commissioners.

November 16, 2018 Orange County needle exchange program remains on hold

November 16, 2018 Anne Arundel County, Maryland faces record fatal opioid overdoses, lacks harm reduction expansion

November 15, 2018 Massachusetts HIV rates rise due to opioid crisis

November 15, 2018 Mass. City Hiring Syringe Collector to Battle Opioid Crisis

November 15, 2018 OPINION: NJ, Atlantic County need decentralized needle exchange locations

November 14, 2018 Brighton Center gets $142k national grant to provide street outreach services in NKY to ‘street’ youth

November 14, 2018 [Re]spire: Exploring overdose prevention as radical action Newsletter, Vol. 2

November 13, 2018 NC counties putting new federal funding to use in battling opioid epidemic

November 13, 2018 Study: US Has Highest Drug Overdose Death Rate Of 13 Developed Nations

November 13, 2018 Massachusetts State and local police talk opioid crisis at free training

November 13, 2018 Updated information on the Madison County, KY needle exchange

November 13, 2018 Pitt County, NC Health Department is using a $44,440 grant to aid a local community needle exchange program

November 12, 2018 OPINION: Calling on Asheville, NC City to Support Steady Collective

November 11, 2018 Pregnant Women at Risk for HCV Benefit from Universal Screen - Kentucky

November 11, 2018 HACHR Harm Reduction is Social Justice

November 11, 2018 OPINION Indiana Daily Student: How to move forward in the wake of drug crisis

November 10, 2018 Injection Drug Networks, Viral Suppression, & HIV Transmission

November 10, 2018 OPINION: Licking County, OH Health Commissioner on Syringe Access

November 10, 2018 Street level activists are leading the fight against fentanyl deaths — and it’s working

November 9, 2018 HCV, HIV Infection Risks Spike Post-Incarceration

November 9, 2018 Travis, Texas County commissioners change course on substance use treatment funding, blindsiding planned center of the Austin Harm Reduction Coalition

November 8, 2018 The costs of heroin and naloxone: a tragic snapshot of the opioid crisis

November 8, 2018 When 'drug free' isn't realistic, Capital Region (Albany, NY) providers embrace harm reduction

November 8, 2018 Salt Lake Public Radio Utah radio show on harm reduction

November 8, 2018 OPINION: New needle exchange hours in Somersworth, NH reduce harm in our communities

November 8, 2018 Charleston, WV Incoming & Outgoing Mayors say they'll work together on city hall transition, Outgoing Mayor promises to stop talking about the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department’s suspended needle exchange program on his radio show

November 8, 2018 Reportback from meeting hosted by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance

November 8, 2018 Edgar Mendez, a free-lance writer who lives in Milwaukee, reports on needle exchange research 

November 6, 2018 Unrestricted cure access improves hepatitis C treatment uptake among people who use drugs

November 6, 2018 Growing number of HIV cases in Ohio from drug injection

November 6, 2018 First hepatitis A-related death reported in North Carolina outbreak

November 5, 2018 A South Bronx neighborhood of hard-working families is ground zero for the city's drug epidemic. The Opioid Collective, which brings several agencies in the Bronx together, responds.

November 5, 2018 Despite sheriff’s support, Chesterfield County, Virginia’s opioid committee tables needle exchange

November 5, 2018 Richmond, Virginia OPINION: Needle exchanges can reduce Hep C cases

November 5, 2018 Anne Arundel County Arguments Surrounding Fentanyl Test Strips and Needle Exchange

November 5, 2018 Overdose Survivor in Portsmouth, NH Distributes Life-Saving Tools

November 4, 2018 New numbers released from an Indianapolis-based foundation which focuses on Hoosiers well-being shows the impact opioids and tobacco use are having across Indiana

November 3, 2018 Martinsville and Henry Co., Virginia groups take steps to fight opioids

November 3, 2018 OPINION: Be thankful for positive steps concerning drug crisis in Boyle Co. KY

November 2, 2018 Somersworth, NH Needle exchange off to safe start

November 2, 2018 Pharmacists Guide to Harm Reduction

November 1, 2018 Cleanup begins in Kensington, Philadelphia with no easy end to opioid trouble

November 1, 2018 Tippecanoe County, Indiana's syringe exchange program has been successful in reducing the spread of disease

November 1, 2018 The opioid crisis: Who calls the shots, from D.C. to Philly A no-frills explainer on the deadly epidemic.

November 1, 2018 Chico, CA grassroots harm reduction coalition aiming to eliminate barriers for drug users

November 1, 2018 Iowa City harm reduction advocates uncertain of State's overdose death estimate

November 1, 2018 Forsyth, NC health department to receive $100,000 to address opioid crisis

October 31, 2018 Needle drop boxes land in Philadelphia’s Kensington parks and SEPTA stations

October 31, 2018 Lewiston, ME In this church, salvation comes with a clean needle or heroin overdose antidote

October 30, 2018 LaCrosse, WI syringe litter issue

October 30, 2018 'Wait until after the election' common theme among health officials about Charleston, W.V. needle-exchange

October 30, 2018 Incarceration is likely to increase HIV and HCV transmission among people who inject drugs, new study finds

October 30, 2018 Indiana’s Opioid Epidemic is Becoming Deadlier and Costing the State Billions

October 29, 2018 Massachusetts State selects Tapestry to open needle exchange program in Springfield

October 29, 2018 A Space for Grief and Growth: The 12th National Harm Reduction Conference

October 28, 2018 OPINION: West Asheville should support Steady Collective

October 28, 2018 Bismarck-Mandan, ND syringe exchange program sees growing demand

October 27, 2018 OPINION: stop criminalizing syringes in Richmond, VA

October 27, 2018 A look inside Pasco, WA’s syringe exchange

October 26, 2018 Trump Wants to Restart the Failed War on Drugs: There’s a better way to lessen the deadly impact of drug abuse.

October 26, 2018 Missouri advocate calls for harm reduction and syringe access in interview

October 26, 2018 Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition responds to NARCAN at YMCA and libraries

October 26, 2018 reports on “New York Times’ Trauma Tourism” about the Philadelphia neighborhood of Kensington

October 26, 2018 Somersworth, NH proposed needle exchange faces NIMBY issues

October 26, 2018 OPINION: A needle exchange could save lives in Licking County, NJ

October 25, 2018 Atlantic City, NJ Council votes to make syringe exchange mobile Also reported here

October 25, 2018 Walkersville, MD Will Consider Syringe Access at Next Meeting

October 24, 2018 Kittitas County, WA Public Health Department on Opioid Response Funding

October 24, 2018 Pacific Pride’s Santa Barbara, CA Needle Exchange Program Faces NIMBY Issues

October 24, 2018 Madison County, KY Health Department Declares Outbreak Status For Hep A

October 24, 2018 Drug Users Fight for Acceptance in California’s Deep North

October 24, 2018 Berkeley County, WV Health Department discusses harm reduction program

October 24, 2018 HACHR responds to gubernatorial candidate’s anti-needle exchange stance

October 23, 2018 Henderson Co. KY leaders eye needle exchange program

October 24, 2018 Lowell, MA may add employee to oversee syringe collection

October 23, 2018 Needle exchange hopes to install sharp disposal boxes in Homer, Alaska bathrooms

October 23, 2018 Brown County, Indiana Health Department gives out sharps containers, not a needle exchange program

October 22, 2018 The link between viral hepatitis and opioid use - Northampton, MA

October 22, 2018 Iowa’s QC Harm Reduction in the News

October 22, 2018 Harm Reduction Policy May Lower Death Toll of Opioids, Meth - Ukiah, CA

October 21, 2018 Revived Indiana needle exchange program has positive results

October 21, 2018 Mandan, ND syringe exchange program expands hours to meet demand

October 20, 20 Syringe exchange program in Lompoc, CA faces NIMBY issues

October 19, 2018 In Miami, a Potential HIV Outbreak Under a Highway Underpass Raises Ethical Questions

October 19, 2018 3 ways Vermont offers hope to people struggling with opioid addiction

October 19, 2018 University of Kentucky gets $15M grant to help end spread of hepatitis C

October 19, 2018 Year later, needle exchange resumes in Madison County, Indiana

October 18, 2018 Virginia's Second Needle Exchange Program Opens In Richmond

October 18, 2018 Chittenden County, VT prosecutor Sarah George wants to help drug users

October 18, 2018 HACHR syringe exchange gets state authorization

October 17, 2018 HACHR Issues Statement on State Authorization for Syringe Exchange Program

October 17, 2018 OPINION: Pittsburgh City Council has a chance to improve and change lives by continuing to expand needle exchanges

October 17, 2018 Ohio OPINION: Needle exchanges a chance to save lives

October 17, 2018 Nearly 30 overdoses, 0 deaths: Eugene-Springfield, OR local response to opioid crisis

October 16, 2018 Stigma Surrounds Addiction Treatment for Pregnant People in Indian Country

October 16, 2018 Lincoln Trail District, Kentucky Health Department Update on Syringe Exchange

October 16, 2018 Gwinn, Michigan Program offers drug users clean syringes to battle disease

October 16, 2018 “No More Photo Ops”—NYC Activists Demand Legislators Take Responsibility for OD Crisis

October 16, 2018 Miami police to offer people who use drugs and live on the streets rehab instead of jail

October 16, 2018 Richmond, Virginia free clinic launches needle exchange program

October 16, 2018 Volunteers of America runs programs that provide Louisville's only syringe exchange program.

October 15, 2018 Roanoke City Council hears first steps on needle exchange, drug treatment options

October 15, 2018 Vermont’s Howard Center nets $525000 for 'Safe Recovery' program to fight opioid abuse Also, here.

October 12, 2018 Shreveport, LA City Council to decide on needle exchange boxes

October 12, 2018 California Department of Public Health authorizes Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction for 2 more years

October 12, 2018 Lowell, Massachusetts HIV spike has DPH on offensive

October 12, 2018 The Intractable Opioid Epidemic: Solving the crisis requires coordination between healthcare professionals, policymakers and drug companies.

October 12, 2018 Harm Reduction Strategies Highlighted at Indiana Public Health Conference

October 11, 2018 Berkshire, Massachusetts peer recovery and harm reduction center opens its doors to the community

October 11, 2018 AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod receives grant to fight opioid epidemic

October 11, 2018 2019 Family Physician of the Year on the Austin, Indiana HIV Outbreak

October 10, 2018 New HIV Cases And An Investigation On A Closed Street: Miami Doctor Explains Situation Under 836 Overpass

October 10, 2018 Orange County, California Supervisors Get Sneaky to Stop The Needle Exchange

October 9, 2018 Opioid crisis is major midterm issue in areas hard hit by drug deaths

October 9, 2018 Chicago Community comes together to destigmatize opioid epidemic

October 8, 2018 Safer syringe practices on the horizon for Shreveport, LA

October 7, 2018 Hep. A outbreak rekindles fight over Wayne County, IN's needle exchange

October 5, 2018 Eureka, CA is Ratcheting Up the Pressure on Needle Litter (and Hoping Things Won’t Snap)

October 4, 2018 Mike Pence Is Still to Blame for an HIV Outbreak in Indiana—but for New Reasons

October 4, 2018 Needle Exchange Program Proposed For Carrick, PA

October 3, 2018 Miami streets where homeless live are blockaded during public health investigation

October 3, 2018 The $1 Tool That Might Curb the Overdose Epidemic A new study shows that fentanyl test strips nudge drug users to take extra precautions.

October 1, 2018 Iowa Public Health Data Suggests Illegal Needle Exchanges Reduce Spread Of Disease 

October 1, 2018 Columbus, OH Changes Needle Program Amid Community Concern

September 30, 2018 Needle-related infections soar in Minnesota as opioid epidemic lingers

September 28, 2018 National experts gather in Iowa City to talk opiod prevention

September 28, 2018 Tino Fuentes isn’t telling drug users to quit. But he his making them aware of dangers inside baggies

September 28, 2018 Grayson County, KY Health Department to host mobile needle exchange unit

September 27, 2018 AMA’s 5 reasons to read the surgeon general’s opioid epidemic report

September 27, 2018 County Budgets for new opioid walk-in center to address substance use - Austin, TX

September 27, 2018 Vermont Cares’ harm reduction van partners with Recovery Center to serve Morristown, VT

September 27, 2018 Greenbrier, WV harm reduction program meets goals, Alderson, WV program discontinued

September 27, 2018 Cempa Community Care Takes Bold Approach To Tackling Opioid Epidemic - Chattanooga, TN

September 27, 2018 Use the right tools in the right ways to address the opioid epidemic

September 27, 2018 Grant County, WA Needle Exchange "doing fabulous" says founder

September 27, 2018 Pittsburgh City Council delays bill on needle exchange program following community objections

September 26, 2018 Roanoke, VA organization working to create needle exchange program

September 26, 2018 Non-profit HIV Education and Prevention Project of Alameda County Stolen Outreach Van

September 26, 2018 Retractable needle introduced during Greenville, OH XChange meeting

September 26, 2018 Equitas Health’s Safe Point program to add new limitations - Columbus, OH

September 26, 2018 Lack of funding threatens end of Juneau, AK syringe exchange

September 26, 2018 The end of HIV transmission in the U.S.: A once-unthinkable dream becomes an openly discussed goal

September 25, 2018 NC City Values the Comfort of Home Owners Over the Lives of the Homeless

September 25, 2018 Berkshire, MA Opioid Addiction Prevention Collaborative receives grant

September 25, 2018 Bipartisan Committee Leaders Announce Opioid Legislation Agreement

September 25, 2018 Lexington, KY has received a $2 million federal grant to buy more overdose reversal kits and hire an overdose prevention coordinator

September 24, 2018 In New Orleans, officials see a sobering center as an alternative to jail, hospitals

September 24, 2018 At U.N. Trump Calls for Criminalization and Law Enforcement in Global War on Drugs

September 24, 2018 New study provides the “strongest evidence-base to date” to support the removal of restrictions to accessing therapy for HCV based on recent drug use.

September 24, 2018 More than 100 people regularly use the syringe exchange at the Alaskan Aids Assistance Association (Four A’s) office in downtown Juneau, but due to the lack of funding, the program could fold at the end of the year.

September 22, 2018 West Asheville needle exchange fights city zoning violations

September 22, 2018 Clark County Board of Health reported new data collected from the Clark County Needle Exchange program at its meeting Thursday

September 21, 2018 Needle exchange program could make its way to Drop-In Center in Roanoke, VA

September 21, 2018 Yale study says worst of Scott County HIV outbreak could have been avoided

September 21, 2018 Homeless advocates are praising Miami for the installation of the first public restroom in the downtown area — complete with a needle disposal

September 21, 2018 Physicians: Why we're supporting Narcan, needle exchange program in Asheville, NC

September 21, 2018 Plumas County, CA Public Health Opioid Conference a Success

September 20, 2018 Roanoke, VA Officials divided by needle exchange

September 20, 2018 Kanawha-Charleston Health Department releases reviews of suspended needle exchange program

September 17, 2018 Cost-effective Screening and Treatment of Hepatitis C The case for universal, one-time screening

September 16, 2018 NY State program tackles increased incidents of hepatitis C

September 15, 2018 Group to start needle exchange program in Framingham, MA

September 15, 2018 Few places in So. Colorado to discard of used syringes

September 15, 2018 Akron Say No to Dope has partnered with the Summit County Health Department for a needle exchange program

September 14, 2018 From 13,000 in Tacoma to 100 million nationwide, needle exchange proves worth over 30 years
September 14, 2018 California Today: A Needle Exchange Program Stirs a Fight in Orange County

September 13, 2018 New MI syringe exchange program for drug users

September 13, 2018 Dynamics of the HIV outbreak and response in Scott County, IN, USA, 2011–15: a modelling study The Lancet

September 13, 2018 Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Unveils Budget - Ambitious Syringe Access Funding

September 13, 2018 Hurricanes Are A Relapse Danger For Drug Users, But Experts Have A Plan For Florence

September 13, 2018 There are solutions to the opioid epidemic. Here’s how you convince people to support them.

September 13, 2018 Asheville, NC Harm reduction tactics used to help drug users

September 13, 2018 Newark, OH: Needle exchanges are life-savers

September 12, 2018 The Health 202: Here's what is in the Senate opioid bill -- and what didn't make the cut

September 12, 2018 9 cases of HIV on Seattle’s Aurora Avenue prompt urgent response

September 12, 2018 Camden City Council resolution paves way for clean needle exchange program to resume

September 12, 2018 Pittsburgh, PA Program that provides drug users with sterile needles looking to expand

September 12, 2018 Officials concerned about spread of HIV after ‘cluster’ of cases reported in Ohio County, WV
September 11, 2018 Western NC marched on International Overdose Awareness Day

September 11, 2018 Needle Exchange in Charleston, West Virginia Has No Plans to Restart

September 11, 2018 Opioid crisis has New Hampshire primary voters in somber mood

September 10, 2018 Study Quantifies Needlestick Injury Rates for Materials Recovery Facility Workers

September 10, 2018 Health board official: KCHD needle-exchange program not coming back

September 10, 2018 City drops notice of violation for 2 West Asheville nonprofits

September 10, 2018 Miami, FL Needle-Exchange Program Connects Drug Users to Treatment

September 9, 2018 Harm Reduction Ohio sponsors public forum: Should Newark, OH start a “needle exchange” for people who inject drugs?

September 7, 2018 VT Hospital Makes Plans to Combat Opioid Crisis

September 6, 2018 Greenville, OH ‘moving forward’ with XChange

September 6, 2018 NC Attorney General: Attack opioids by expanding Medicaid

September 6, 2018 A Year After Closing Its Doors, Claremont, NH Needle Exchange Could Open Again

September 5, 2018 City of Costa Mesa Extends Ban on Needle-Exchange Programs Until At Least Next Summer

September 5, 2018 Drug users will be given free needles in Merced under new program

September 4, 2018 Lexington-Fayette, KY County Health Department celebrates 3 years of needle-exchange program

September 4, 2018 ND Department of Health Holds Syringe Service Program Training

September 4, 2018 The Mountains Aren't Empty - Wise, VA

September 1, 2018 Morgantown, WV Harm Reduction Resources

September 1, 2018 Health officials, worried about outbreak, investigate HIV cluster in North Seattle

August 31, 2018 Family Health to roll out XChange program - Greenville, OH

August 31, 2018 Fentanyl Changed the Opioid Epidemic. Now It’s Getting Worse

August 31, 2018 One year later, Lucas County, OH needle exchange touts results

August 30, 2018 Treatment-as-prevention only viable with expanded HCV coverage

August 30, 2018 Ohio program boosts use of HIV medications in injection-drug users

August 30, 2018 Thousands of drug users across the country signed their names to a sort of last will and testament, requesting that prosecutors not file homicide charges against their loved ones.

August 29, 2018 Memphis bridge lighting honors those lost to drug overdose

August 29, 2018 New York survey shows mortality, comorbidity risk higher in HCV vs. HBV

August 28, 2018 The Pain of Losing Employees: Business community cautiously works to keep options available for employees dealing with addiction - KY

August 28, 2018 More and more area health departments offering harm reduction for drug users - WV

August 28, 2018 Lafayette, IN syringe exchange adds straws to program

August 27, 2018 Pittsburgher Works To Prevent Infection, Overdose Deaths Amid Opioid Epidemic

August 27, 2018 OC Needle Exchange: Arguments Fly at Anaheim Town Hall

August 27, 2018 Albuquerque, NM Needle Exchange and SHARPS Program

August 26, 2018 West Asheville haven for homeless fenced in

August 26, 2018 Charleston, WV CDC official: Science will provide solutions to opioid epidemic

August 26, 2018 Hundreds march on International Overdose Awareness Day

August 26, 2018 Fighting HIV and Hepatitis Inside Appalachia

August 25, 2018 PMC addresses concerns at Hep Awareness Day and Health Fair

August 24, 2018 A Traveling Needle Exchange Makes Progress in Wyoming County WV

August 24, 2018 The CDC Predicted An Opioid-Driven HIV Outbreak. Now It's Found One In Massachusetts.

August 24, 2018 'Needle use is through the roof' and spreading HIV. Here's what McConnell is doing

August 23, 2018 To combat opioid crisis, syringe exchange services may be offered in Southern Maryland

August 23, 2018 Opioids in Indiana: Why the Scott Co. Emergency is Better

August 23, 2018 Model shows best policies to curb the opioid epidemic

August 23, 2018 Clatsop County, OR experts turn to medicine to fight opioid abuse

August 22, 2018 Dan Bigg, Harm Reduction Hero, Dies at 59

August 22, 2018 What Maine lawmakers did about the opioid crisis

August 22, 2018 The Housing Dilemma in Salt Lake City, UT

August 21, 2018 San Antonio, TX Advocates say needle exchange about more than free needles

August 21, 2018 Dan Bigg, who spent decades fighting heroin crisis in Chicago and saved scores of lives, dies at 59

August 21, 2018 Preventive Interventions in Opioid Addiction: Adaptive Harm Reduction to Reduce Overdoses - Miami, FL

August 21, 2018 Orange County syringe exchange organizers to hold town hall in Anaheim on Thursday

August 20, 2018 New 'treat all' hepatitis C guidelines learn from the HIV experience

August 20, 2018 These Drug Users Don't Want Their Dealer Prosecuted if They OD

August 19, 2018 Opioid Recovery Efforts in Southern W.Va., Ohio Valley

August 18, 2018 Falmouth Board Of Health Met With Town Officials About A Safe NeedleAccess Kiosk MA

August 18, 2018 How Naperville college helps students become 'changemakers' Chicago

August 18, 2018 Green River County, KY Health department receives grant for syringe exchange programs

August 18, 2018 Syringe-exchange participants gradually increasing Glasgow, KY

August 18, 2018 Inside the Push to Legalize Underground Needle Exchange Programs Iowa 

August 17, 2018 Down Home NC launches local harm reduction hub

August 17, 2018 I'm a mom. That's why I think Asheville shouldn't shut down 12 Baskets | OPINION - NC

August 17, 2018 Infectious disease monitoring — more care needed to control impacts of opioid crisis

August 17, 2018 NYT Book Review of Beth Macy's "Dopesick" - Roanoke, VA

August 17, 2018 Maryland Cecil health officers explores clean needle exchange program

August 16, 2018 COLUMN: Defending the Health Department's Free Syringe Policy - WV

August 16, 2018 Tribe's Syringe Services Program working on 'harm reduction'

August 16, 2018 Fatal drug overdoses rising in NC faster than 48 other states, fentanyl partly to blame

August 16, 2018 Evansville Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Gets Upgrade - IL

August 15, 2018 Opioid Use Disorder Prevalence at Delivery on the Rise in the US, According to CDC

August 15, 2018 NC - West Asheville needle exchange, free café raise community complaints

August 15, 2018 Needle exchange program draws questions, little opposition from Carrick residents - PA

August 15, 2018 Mayfield, KY City Council hears about potential needle exchange program

August 14, 2018 Reducing Mortality in the Opioid Epidemic: What is Miami Doing Differently from the Rest of Florida and the US?

August 13, 2018 West Virginia's Marshall University gets $2 million in funding for opioid fight

August 12, 2018 OPINION: Needle exchanges a proven way to prevent disease, deaths - OH

August 12, 2018 Clark County, KY needle exchange program gets two year extension

August 11, 2018 ID requirement leading more harm reduction participants to additional services - Clarksburg, WV

August 11, 2018 Buncombe County, NC considers needle exchange program

August 11, 2018 Former drug user advocates holistic approach to becoming sober - Bronx, NY

August 11, 2018 City moves to end free needle exchange, food programs in West Asheville, NC

August 10, 2018 Director of non-profit needle exchange says she won’t bow to city demands to close - NC

August 10, 2018 Clark County needle exchange program renewed for two years - Indiana

August 10, 2018 HIV Outbreak In Massachusetts Linked To Injection Drug Use

August 10, 2018 Brooklyn-based program combines traditional harm-reduction services with participatory defense program

August 9, 2018 Gateway to Hope needle exchange program reports growth - Indiana

August 8, 2018 Eureka City Council approved moving ahead with establishing a community advisory board

August 8, 2018 Costa Mesa, CA bans needle-exchange programs in the city for at least 45 days

August 8, 2018 OC Needle Exchange Plans to Open in September, as County Asks Court to Block It

August 7, 2018 Letter: Correcting misinformation about needle program - Upshur, WV

August 7, 2018  Businesses seek solution following the growth of Clarksburg's Harm Reduction Program

August 6, 2018 Denver’s opioid plan focuses on three big goals: Preventing substance misuse, improving access to treatment and retention, and reducing harm.

August 6, 2018 Opioids Have Sparked An HIV Outbreak In Massachusetts The synthetic drug fentanyl is sweeping the country. It appeared in these cities first — and people who use it tend to share needles.

August 6, 2018 HIV cases among drug users up in Montana, but Lewis and Clark County says it doesn't have resources to start needle exchange program

August 6, 2018 Needle exchange proposal presented in Carrick, Allegheny Co. PA

August 6, 2018 Orange County mobile syringe exchange to start in September

August 5, 2018 Washington County, MD health program has taken in thousands of dirty syringes

August 5, 2018 Local Smokey Point, WA lawmakers put aside politics for needle cleanup

August 5, 2018 OPINION: In support of Utah syringe access

August 4, 2018 Officials Are Trying to Block a Needle Exchange Program From Operating in Orange County

August 4, 2018 Falmouth, MA Board Of Health Hears Proposal For Safe Needle Access

August 4, 2018 DOH helps host Opioid Revival event to raise awareness on overdose deaths - Bronx, NY

August 4, 2018 Delaware woman organizes harm reduction in Philadelphia, PA

August 4, 2018 Clark, Floyd counties rank in Indiana's Top 20 for opioid cost

August 3, 2018 New details on Tuesdays meeting in Eureka to determine HACHR's fate

August 3, 2018 OC Officials Undergo Last-Ditch Effort To Block Needle Exchange Program

August 3, 2018 OC Needle Exchange Program Restraining Order Sought By Supes

August 3, 2018 Hepatitis A Outbreak Spreads To Monroe County, IN

August 3, 2018 Orange County, CA plans lawsuit to block state-authorized mobile needle exchange

August 3, 2018 $2M Merck Grant Supports Regional WV Collaboration for Opioid Intervention

August 2, 2018 Nonprofit Quarterly Reports on HACHR Eureka, CA

August 2, 2018 Needle Exchange, Cleanup Programs Ongoing In Haywood County, NC

August 2, 2018 OC Supervisors to hold emergency meeting on state-authorized OC Needle Exchange Program

August 2, 2018 Costa Mesa considering legal action over mobile needle-exchange program

August 2, 2018 Eureka, CA Weighs the Future of its Nonprofit Needle Exchange Program

August 2, 2018 Utah County votes to oppose any needle-exchange program

August 1, 2018 Needle Exchange Program Approved Across Orange County

August 1, 2018 State Effort to Treat Hepatitis-C Could Fall Short with Increase in CNY Cases

August 1, 2018 OC needle exchange program approved to operate despite opposition

August 1, 2018 Taylor County, KY residents using area needle exchange programs

August 1, 2018 West Virginia Nurse Angie Gray Fights Opioid Epidemic

August 1, 2018 El Paso County, CO needs a needle exchange

July 31, 2018 MI Health department offers free needles

July 31, 2018 State gives OK to Orange County mobile syringe exchange program, over local objections

July 29, 2018 Needle distribution numbers for drug users in Paterson plummet NJ

July 29, 2018 'They're worth being taken care of': New Charlotte, NC needle exchange helps drug users

July 29, 2018 Vermont outlines plan for new funds to boost addiction programs

July 29, 2018 Homelessness an 'ongoing' issue in Clarksburg, WV; Needle Exchange

July 28, 2018 Needle Exchange Articles by Triad City Beat win two Altweekly Awards

July 28, 2018 OPINION: Syringe program is needed, preventative OH

July 27, 2018 Needle exchange in Paterson, NJ

July 27, 2018 Kansas City, MO man frustrated with needles littering neighborhood cleans up area himself

July 27, 2018 Infection And Inequality: How The Income Gap Fuels Ohio Valley’s Hep A Outbreak

July 27, 2018 How lessons from HIV/AIDS crisis can apply to the opioid crisis | Opinion

July 27, 2018 NY Governor Cuomo Announces First-In-Nation Strategy To Eliminate Hepatitis C

July 26, 2018 Kanawha-Charleston, WV needle-exchange volunteers talk harm reduction benefits, misconceptions at town hall forum

July 26, 2018 Fargo, ND Addiction Treatment and Prevention Gaps Bridged by New Center

July 26, 2018 La Crosse Co. WI drug overdose deaths up 20 from 2014 to 2017 in new Burden of Illicit Drug Use Report

July 26, 2018 Investigation Finds Spike In HIV Cases In Lawrence And Lowell, MA Area

July 26, 2018 HACHR welcomes Little Free Pantry for those who need food and hygiene products

July 26, 2018 Highland County, OH Drug Abuse Prevention Coalition unveils new community plan

July 26, 2018 OPINION Protecting everyone - St. Paul, MN

July 26, 2018 Despite Efforts, NC Opioid ED Visits Up In 2018

July 26, 2018 HIV Alliance provides prevention and treatment for HIV infections - Oregon

July 25, 2018 Morton County, ND commissioners question Custer Health needle exchange program

July 25, 2018 Upstate, SC man works to help through needle exchange program

July 25, 2018 New Coalition Aims to Expand Syringe-Exchange Program in Charlotte, NC

July 25, 2018 Haywood, NC Syringe Clean-Up

July 25, 2018 New Coalition Aims to Expand Syringe-Exchange Program in Charlotte, NC

July 25, 2018 DC health report: ‘Record’ numbers of chlamydia, gonorrhea; HIV cases flat

July 25, 2018 HIV infection among Montana injection drug users rising

July 25, 2018 Everett, WA needle exchange builds bridges to sobriety

July 25, 2018 Dispatch from the International AIDS Conference: Hope for a Future Without AIDS

July 25, 2018 Injection Drug Users Can Benefit from a Partially Effective Hepatitis C Vaccine

July 24, 2018 Cleveland, OH health experts point to Syringe Exchange Program for drop in HIV cases among drug users

July 24, 2018 OH State Health Officials Ask for Federal Help to Maintain Needle Exchange Programs

July 24, 2018 BPD: No extra crime near clinics - Beckley, WV

July 24, 2018 W.Va. Nurse Fights Opioid Epidemic Through Harm Reduction

July 24, 2018 Eastern Panhandle, WV Nurse Sees Harm Reduction as Part of Opioid Treatment Solution

July 24, 2018 Opinion: The global HIV response is neglecting people who use drugs

July 24, 2018 Mobile syringe exchange program coming to Mat-Su, AK

July 23, 2018 Giving out 6,300 clean needles, Fargo, ND focuses on reducing harm of drug addiction

July 23, 2018 High burden of hepatitis C among people who inject drugs highlights the urgent need for harm reduction and treatment strategies

July 23, 2018 Carrick, PA soon will be getting needle exchange

July 22, 2018 An effective tool in Indiana's opioid battle

July 22, 2018 OPINION: SF would address drug use and discarded needles

July 20, 2018 NY Capital Region counties push for real-time data on opioid deaths, hospitalizations

July 20, 2018 Eureka, CA City Council Members Question Whether HACHR’s Syringe Exchange Program is ‘The One’ for the City

July 20, 2018 OD deaths increase in rural areas - Berkeley, WV

July 20, 2018 Ohio wants to use federal grant money for needle-exchange programs

July 20, 2018 Major Leap Forward for Syringe Exchange Advocates in Bexar County, TX

July 20, 2018 KY students participate in Rural Community Health Scholars Program, Visit Needle Exchange

July 19, 2018 Program coordinator describes Porter County, IN opioid fight

July 19, 2018 OPINION: Costing Iowans millions

July 18, 2018 Nashville Nonprofit Is State's First Sanctioned Needle Exchange Program

July 18, 2018 St. Paul, MN syringe exchange aims to stem tide of hepatitis C and HIV

July 18, 2018 Fayette County, IN approves pact for hospital to run needle swap

July 17, 2018 Eureka hears report from HACHR, may consider group’s future at later meeting

July 17, 2018  New mobile needle exchange launches in Northern Kentucky

July 17, 2018 Figures at the front line of the opioid fight in Hawaii

July 16, 2018 Five Action Steps to Integrate Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder & Infectious Disease Epidemics from Annals of Internal Medicine

July 16, 2018 Officials planning medical van for U of Delaware Health Science students

July 15, 2018 High Demand Shown For Pittsfield, MA's Needle Exchange Program

July 14, 2018 HACHR report to be delivered to Eureka City Council this Tuesday

July 14, 2018  Upshur-Buckhannon, WV Residents argue over merits of needle program

July 14, 2018 OPINION: 'How many more Hep C cases?' in Miami, IN before needle exchange given go ahead

July 14, 2018 Wondering if there’s fentanyl in your cocaine or other drugs? Summit County has a test strip for that OH

July 13, 2018 Interview: Hawaii Health & Harm Reduction Center

July 13, 2018 Kim Powers of Mashpee, MA Recognized As 'Unsung Heroine' for Opioid Crisis Response

July 13, 2018 Upshur, WV leaders seek advice on needle program

July 12, 2018 Officials say needle exchange program working in Hazard, KY

July 12, 2018 Study: Hepatitis C vaccine could drastically reduce transmission among injecting drug users

July 12, 2018 Health officer rejects needle exchange for Miami County, IN

July 11, 2018 Needle exchange, youth shelter to be displaced as U-District church torn down, Seattle

July 11, 2018 Living with HIV: Fueled by heroin, HIV makes an alarming resurgence in Cincinnati

July 11, 2018 Springfield Asks MA State Health Officials To Set Up Needle Exchange Program

July 11, 2018 Springfield, MA set to adopt needle exchange program

July 10, 2018 Hamilton Co. OH Health officials sound alarm after spike in overdoses

July 9, 2018 Two of Hawaii's key players in the fight against the spread of HIV have teamed up to launch a first-of-its-kind clinic in Honolulu.

July 9, 2018 A bill to support needle exchange programs in Maine survived LePage's veto

July 9, 2018 Astoria, OR Opioid Crisis Resources

July 9, 2018 Mobile needle exchange unit to operate in NKY beginning July 24

July 8, 2018 Cabell-Huntington, WV Meth use obscures addiction strategies

July 7, 2018 OPINION: Legalize syringe exchange programs - Iowa City, IA

July 6, 2018 Is the Lehigh Valley ready for a needle exchange program? - PA

July 6, 2018 Recovery advocate on mission to erase stigma about exchange programs - PA

July 6, 2018 With potentially bad heroin in area, opioid users urged to be safe, have access to OD-reversal drug - Berkshires, MA

July 5, 2018 Ithaca, NY still aiming for a social services hub with Bloomberg grant

July 5, 2018 Springfield, MA needle exchange program still on hold as officials discuss drug treatment needs

July 3, 2018 Needle Exchanges, Once Radical, Need An Update To Survive In Rural America

July 3, 2018 Syringe exchange program opens in Knoxville, TN

July 3, 2018 Cabell County, WV Needle Exchange Program now limited to county residents

July 3, 2018 Portland, OR Outside In's longtime director wraps up job

July 3, 2018 Maine Governor LePage vetoes 23 bills, including syringe access funding

July 3, 2018 HIV cases rise in Coos County, OR health agency reports

July 2, 2018 Greene Co. OH to help public prevent more Hepatitis A cases

July 1, 2018 Cabell-Huntington, WV Police, health officials reach needle exchange agreement

July 1, 2018 Cabell-Huntington, WV's Harm Reduction Program now has direct leadership

June 30, 2018 Opinion: Why we must prioritize needle exchange in Utah Co., UT

June 30, 2018  Opinion: Hep A, opioids, needles, mental health and the importance of home - Charleston, WV

June 29, 2018 Columbus, OH Equitas' Safe Point clean needle initiative saved

June 29, 2018 Scott County, IN Study: Syringe Services Program Reduced Injection-Related Risk Behaviors in HIV Outbreak

June 29, 2018 Health official who urged abstinence says views have changed

June 29, 2018 Petition requests changes to Upshur, WV needle program

June 28, 2018 Indiana State health commissioner visits Jackson County harm reduction clinic

June 28, 2018 Front-line lessons form new plan to beat opioid epidemic in St. Louis, MO

June 27, 2018 WA State Department of Health launches opioid prevention campaign

June 27, 2018 Ohio yet to OK federal money for syringe programs

June 27, 2018 Needle exchanges to roll into Newport, Covington, KY offering drug users sterile equipment

June 27, 2018 Madison County, KY needle exchange has handed out more than 4,800 syringes

June 26, 2018 More than 7,000 needles collected through Pike, KY’s needle exchange program

June 26, 2018 CDC’s Change in HIV Policy Impacted Providers’ Role in Prevention

June 26, 2018 Over 140 Organizations Condemn Trump's 'Barbaric' Plan To Execute Drug Offenders

June 26, 2018 Upshur County, WV Health department stresses benefits of needle program amid questions

June 25, 2018 Podcast: Opioids as a community crisis, part three - Pennsylvania

June 25, 2018 Opinion: Needle exchange programs are a public health issue - Roanoke, VA

June 25, 2018 Berkeley County, WV health officials urge residents to get Hepatitis A vaccination

June 25, 2018 Grand Traverse County, MI Commissioners Approve Harm Reduction Program

June 25, 2018 City, provider stuck on where to place Camden, NJ's needle exchange

June 25, 2018 Prevention, Risk Reduction Focus of First NJ Spotlight Opioid Roundtable

June 24, 2018 Finding solutions to the opioid crisis - Ohio River Valley

June 24, 2018 Finding Effective Tools And Support For Opioid Abuse - Winston-Salem, NC

June 23, 2018 Commissioners OK needle exchange program - Grand Traverse, MI

June 23, 2018 Needle exchange:  an attempt to prevent the spread of disease - Marietta, OH

June 22, 2018 OPINION: Congress should look to Dayton, Ohio which has syringe exchange programs and overdose response teams as they pass bills to fight the opioid epidemic.

June 21, 2018 Deadline is Monday to comment on proposed mobile needle-exchange program that would operate in Costa Mesa

June 21, 2018 At opioid town hall, Utah County needle exchange program

June 21, 2018 Residents respond to Upshur-Buckhannon, WV Health Department’s new needle exchange program

June 20, 2018 Tennessee to adopt 150 new laws on July 1 - including syringe exchange for health depts

June 21, 2018 OPINION: Roanoke, VA Police Chief - Work with the Drop In Center for needle exchange

June 19, 2018 OPINION: Orange County, CA needs a needle exchange program. Approve the OCNEP proposal.

June 19, 2018 Scioto County and the city of Portsmouth, OH are warning people in the area about a possible lethal batch of drugs

June 21, 2018 What does Public Health Do for You? Nisqually Valley, WA

June 18, 2018 People in Illinois work to fight the stigma for the disease of addiction

June 18, 2018 Marion, IN City-County Council OKs syringe exchange program to curb hepatitis C

June 18, 2018 Canton, OH syringe exchange nears first anniversary

June 18, 2018 Manchester, NH plans to launch needle program to slow spread of disease

June 17, 2018 Michael Botticelli: Huntington, WV at forefront in finding answers to crisis

June 17, 2018 Addressing harm in Fayette County, WV

June 16, 2018 Beyond the Stigma: Buy-ins, setbacks for needle exchange - Manchester, NH

June 16, 2018 Stigma is a roadblock in battling the disease of addiction - Peoria, IL

June 16, 2018 Canton, OH syringe exchange nears first anniversary

June 15, 2018 Sticking point: A Glenwood, NC group supplying clean needles to drug users has supporters, detractors

June 15, 2018 Orange County, CA officials ask state to reject mobile needle exchange proposal

June 15, 2018 Hepatitis outbreaks: 10 things to know about the liver disease - Indianapolis

June 15, 2018 CDC: Fentanyl drastically impacting the HIV outbreak in Merrimack Valley, MA

June 15, 2018 Opinion: Indianapolis desperately needs needle exchange

June 15, 2018 Letter: Needle exchange program should be allowed in Roanoke, VA

June 15, 2018 Public meeting Tuesday for Upshur-Buckhannon, WV harm reduction program

June 15, 2018 Why Miami Is the Epicenter of New HIV Cases in the U.S.

June 14, 2018  NC Governor Announces $1.5 million in grant awards to combat opioid crisis in communities

June 14, 2018 Thurston County, WA leaders declare homelessness, opioid epidemic public health crises

June 14, 2018 Clean Needle Program For Drug-users is Running Out of Money - Columbus, OH

June 14, 2018 Syringe exchange program played key role in controlling HIV outbreak - Scott Co., Indiana

June 13, 2018 Newport Beach, CA City Council opposes needle exchange plan

June 13, 2018 Overdoses down dramatically in Middletown, OH - community collaboration

June 13, 2018 Role of Pharmacists in Harm Reduction: Syringe/Needle Exchange

June 13, 2018 Cempa Community Care steps up with STEP TN

June 13,2018 For years, it was illegal to give out clean needles in Nashville. They did it anyway.  

June 13, 2018 Marion County, IN needle exchange program a step closer to reality

June 13, 2018 UN chief asks for more efforts to fight AIDS

June 12, 2018 House Passes 25 Opioid-Related Bills In First Day Of Two-Week Floor Bonanza

June 12, 2018 Letters: Why Marion County, Indiana needs a needle exchange program

June 11, 2018 Surgeon general to American Medical Association: Look upstream to prevent nation’s ills

June 11, 2018 PBS THE END OF AIDS: FAR FROM OVER The tools exist. HIV/AIDS can be treated and contained. But in many communities, social, political and economic obstacles get in the way. There, the epidemic is far from over.

June 11, 2018 House kicks off 2 weeks of opioid floor votes

June 11, 2018 Kentucky attorney general talks heroin epidemic in Erlanger - upcoming mobile needle exchange program

June 11, 2018 Stigma Hinders Response To Opioid Epidemic, Study Says

June 11, 2018 Iowa City doctor volunteers for Harm Reduction Coalition

June 11, 2018 Canton, OH community event to support syringe access peer educator position

June 10, 2018 Editorial: Syringe exchange programs part of holistic solution - Frankfort, KY

June 8, 2018 NH State Offers, Then Cancels Funding Bid for Needle Exchanges

June 8, 2018 Dispelling Orange County needle exchange program myths

June 8, 2018 Orange County rejects needle-exchange program, citing 'major health risks'

June 8, 2018 Stigma of Safe Needle Exchanges Lingers Despite Opioid Epidemic

June 8, 2018 Friends, Love and ... Understanding how HIV is transmitted and limiting danger - Yakima, WA

June 8, 2018 Rural hospitals take aim at root causes of opioid crisis - Maine and Tennessee

June 8, 2018 Franklin County, KY Syringe exchange program aims to prevent disease, infection among drug users.

June 8, 2018 Indiana Public health officials applaud needle-exchange programs, but critics remain

June 8, 2018 Bloomington, IN Safe Disposal After Finding Used Syringes on Streets

June 8, 2018 On Opioids, We Found a Consensus Among Hoosier Experts: It's Time to Act

June 7, 2018 ‘We are not immune’: How the opioid crisis is hitting Central Texas

June 7, 2018 Cincinnati Proposes Increased Parking Rates to fund human services, violence prevention, Cincinnati Works, Strategies to End Homelessness and a needle exchange program

June 7, 2018 Davidson County, NC Board of Commissioners debates opioid management position

June 6, 2018 Colorado Springs lacks needle exchange

June 6, 2018 Needle petitions handed to Eureka, CA City Council

June 6, 2018 Pueblo, CO Department of Public Health honors Southern Colorado Health Network as the 2018 Public Health Champion

June 6, 2018 'They Don't Have To Be Alone In This': New England Drug Users Union Sees Membership Increase

June 6, 2018 Opinion: Reps. Walden and Burgess: Important bills to fight the opioid epidemic are up for House consideration

June 6, 2018 WNC AIDS Project announces new leadership

June 5, 2018 Dueling Demonstrations Compete For Honks in Downtown Eureka

June 5, 2018 Public Support for Needle Exchange Programs, Safe Injection Sites Remains Low In U.S.

June 5, 2018 Madison County, IN approves needle exchange program

June 5, 2018 Orange County, CA Supervisors Object to Needle Exchange Program

June 5, 2018 The Orange County Needle Exchange Is Fighting To Provide Services To Santa Ana, Orange, Costa Mesa and Anaheim

June 5, 2018 The Exchange Project to bring needle exchange to Westwood, OH

June 5, 2018 New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Takes the Lead in Battling Opioid Abuse

June 4, 2018 Inside California's Fentanyl Testing Experiment

June 4, 2018 Fentanyl Arrives In Jackson County, CA, Deaths Spike

June 4, 2018 Buncombe County, NC’s Ongoing Response to the Opioid Epidemic

June 2, 2018 Portsmouth, NH Increased drug use leading to more HIV, Hep C cases

June 2, 2018 #BHEARD Town Hall on needle exchange in Washington Heights, NY

June 1, 2018 The Government’s Cure for the Opioid Epidemic May Be Worse Than the Disease: New at Reason

June 1, 2018 Indiana Recovery Alliance opposes proposed city moratorium on addiction treatment centers

June 1, 2018 Syringe disposal kiosks are coming to more than a dozen Bronx parks

June 1, 2018 Guilford County, NC Solution to the Opioid Problem (GSSTOP) is making progress in its mission to decrease overdose deaths

May 31, 2018 U.S. News & World Report on Infectious Disease Consequences of Injection Drug Use

May 31, 2018 Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction applies for state certification

May 31, 2018 Hamilton County, OH adds a needle-exchange site in Westwood

May 30, 2018 Needles and Narcan Right To Your Door In Guilford County, NC

May 30, 2018 Cabarrus County, NC prepares for 2-year program to battle opioid crisis - School of Government gathers 10 communities for collaborative opportunity

May 30, 2018 Health officials concerned with the sharp rise in Hepatitis C cases in CNY

May 29, 2018 Indiana Recovery Alliance Hosts Community Syringe Pick Up Walk

May 29, 2018 In Greenville, SC, he's running the state's only needle exchange out of his trunk

May 29, 2018 CNY - ACR Health Issues "Alert" About Hepatitis C Ahead of AIDS Walk/Run

May 29, 2018 Needle exchanges help combat the opioid crisis. So why was the one in Orange County, CA shut down?

May 28, 2018 Opinion: It’s time for Greeley, CO have a syringe exchange

May 27, 2018 Man hopes to save lives with St. Louis, MO syringe exchanges that cut risk of disease outbreak

May 26, 2018 California State disease investigators called to Humboldt to investigate rise in HIV exposure

May 26, 2018 Editorial: Grand Travers, MI region needs needle exchanges

May 26, 2018 Discarded needle safety advice - Nashua, NH

May 26, 2018 Public perception is tough to overcome in battle against opioid addiction

May 26, 2018 Sanford, NC Community attacking opioid problem on multiple fronts

May 25, 2018 How Three Gaps In Policy Fail People Who Inject Drugs

May 25, 2018 Swiss HIV prevention policy for intravenous drug users is a model for success

May 25, 2018 Calls for Fundraiser Volunteers (celebrating launch of a syringe exchange in Pasco, WA)

May 25, 2018 Responding to 'Deaths of Despair' - Call for a National Resilience Strategy

May 25, 2018 HCV Guidelines Updated to Include Recommendations for Key Populations

May 25, 2018 Fort Wayne, IN Substance Use Disorder Treatment Industry Needs More Resources

May 25, 2018 California State steps in to stem HIV outbreak in Humboldt

May 25, 2018 SF’s new needle cleanup team to get van and branded jackets

May 25, 2018 Needle disposal boxes in La Crosse, WI keep filling up

May 25, 2018 Circle Health Services Provides Fentanyl Test Strips To Combat Ohio Opioid Crisis -Cleveland

May 25, 2018 Mobile Unit Planned for OC Needle Exchange

May 24, 2018 Harrison-Clarksburg, WV Health Board approves $1.26M budget, modifies harm reduction program

May 24, 2018 Federal Grants Fund Mostly White Counties - Rio Arriba County, NM

May 24, 2018 Hep A outbreak statewide, but not hit Magoffin, KY

May 24, 2018 Allen County, IN Task force has ideas to battle opioids - Local suggestions include education, eliminating stigma

May 24, 2018 Clatsop County, OR needle exchange program continues past pilot stage

May 23, 2018 Surgeon general urges ER docs to advocate for evidence-based opioid treatment

May 23, 2018 With highest hepatitis C mortality rate in U.S., Oregon expands access to life-saving drugs

May 23, 2018 San Francisco Mayor’s Proposal to Add $4.2M for HIV/AIDS Programs Supports ‘Getting to Zero’ Effort

May 23, 2018 Philadelphia police will officially shut down homeless encampments in Kensington, ground zero of the city’s opioid epidemic. The move will close out a monthlong pilot program that has offered shelter and drug treatment to dozens of people

May 23, 2018 Claremont, NH Aims to Help People Struggling with Addiction

May 23, 2018 New report suggests comprehensive strategy for dealing with Allen County, IN’s growing opioid crisis

May 23, 2018 Doors are Opening for Needle Exchange Programs in San Antonio, TX, But There's Still Work to Do

May 23, 2018 Syringe exchange programs seen as way to halt HIV infections - Nashua, NH

May 23, 2018 A Compassionate Approach: Keeping people alive is at the core of Reach's philosophy - Ithaca, NY

May 22, 2018 As needle-exchange program is mulled for Marion County, IN, success touted elsewhere

May 22, 2018 Syringe program alone won’t address Humboldt County, CA’s high hepatitis infection rate, officials say

May 22, 2018 Humboldt County, CA board of supervisors will hear a bi-annual report on the county’s syringe services program

May 22, 2018 Charleston, WV City Council again tables vote to criminalize needles

May 22, 2018 'Syringe Access Programs' adopted in Traverse City

May 22, 2018 Traverse City, MI Council votes 6-0, allows needle exchanges

May 22, 2018 Integrated reproductive health and opioid treatment services empower prospective moms, provide best starts for babies. (WA and OR)

May 22, 2018 Hennepin County, MN commissioner gives annual update to Wayzata City Council

May 21, 2018 Federal Funds Approved for Needle Exchange Programs in New Hampshire

May 21, 2018 Radio: Should Bexar County, TX Implement A Needle Exchange Program?

May 21, 2018 City adding disposal boxes in Bronx parks to reduce litter of used needles

May 21, 2018 Traverse City, MI looks to fight opioid crisis commissioner recommendations

May 21, 2018 Huntington, West Virginia Opinion: Negativity sells, but it is selling our city short

May 21, 2018  Marion County, IN Pilot program serves survivors of overdose, as Indy city-council debates needle exchange

May 20, 2018 Opinion: Common sense on syringes and police reform in Charleston, WV is solution

May 20, 2018 Opioids, fentanyl may grab headlines, but local experts say methamphetamine serious problem in Clark County, WA

May 19, 2018 New Hampshire syringe programs: 'Meeting people where they're at'

May 18, 2018 Opioid epidemic discussed in Saranac Lake, NY

May 18, 2018 Appalachia Has Highest Risk of HIV & Hepatitis in Nation. Radio on syringe exchange

May 18, 2018 Kittitas County, WA Public Health Department to add new unit in Cle Elum; services will include a syringe exchange

May 18, 2018 Health Official Discusses Charleston, WV's Shuttered Needle Exchange Program

May 17, 2018 33 states have opened up clean needle exchanges to address the problem. Missouri is not one of them. Illinois is.

May 17, 2018 Johnson City, TN university starts new syringe exchange program

May 17, 2018 Hartford, CT Mark Jenkins Helps People Who Use Drugs Be Safe

May 17, 2018 Needle exchange program aims to reduce HIV in Bexar County, TX

May 17, 2018 Opinion: Support the Orange County, CA Needle Exchange Program

May 17, 2018 Rise In Hepatitis Cases Leads To Syringe Exchange Proposal in Indianapolis

May 17, 2017 Syringe exchange program helps stop spread of HIV, hepatitis - Wilmington, NC

May 17, 2018 DHHS: Humboldt County, CA has 3 times new Hepatitis C cases than state average

May 17, 2018 Kanawha-Charleston Health Board responds to harm reduction audit

May 17, 2018 S.F. Mayor Investing $6M In First-In-The-Nation Program To Help Opioid Users

May 17, 2018 Tippacanoe, IN Board of health meeting updates needle exchange

May 16, 2016 Harm Reduction Mobile Unit Could Serve Swain County, NC

May 16, 2018 Should Lexington, KY B.U.I.L.D. a better needle exchange? 'Yes,' say 2,000 people in 26 congregations.

May 16, 2018 Wayne County, IN commissioners don't budge on needle exchange

May 16, 2018 ETSU partnering with health groups for syringe exchange program - Johnson City, TN and Wise County, VA

May 16, 2018 San Antonio On the Cusp of Developing Texas’s First Legally Sanctioned Needle Exchange

May 15, 2018 Thousands participate in needle exchange program - Louisville, KY

May 15, 2018 Community Groups at Odds Over Syringe Access Program - Everett, WA

May 14, 2018 Meet Sarah Ziegenhorn: Harm Reduction Powerhouse - Iowa

May 14, 2018 How Effective Are Needle Exchange Programs?

May 14, 2018 Las Vegas' Needle Exchange Vending Machines Are A First In The U.S.

May 14, 2018 OPINION: The case for needle exchanges in Southwest Virginia

May 14, 2018 Meet the Forney, TX DJ who also offers public workshops on mental health maintenance, maintaining healthy relationships, harm reduction and more

May 13, 2018 Editorial: Health district should adopt needle exchange - Run in Everett, WA for decades, the program’s harm reduction benefits the public and those using drugs.

May 13, 2018 Report recommends KCHD, WV lose certification for needle-exchange program

May 12, 2018 West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources suspends Charleston needle exchange

May 12, 2018 Needle exchange program commences in Alderson, WV

May 12, 2018 Roeder: Prevention is key in eliminating HIV - Kenosha, WI

May 11, 2018 Heroine of heroin mails antidote to reduce opioid overdoses

May 11, 2018 Las Vegas syringe access program addresses fentanyl-related overdose among people who use meth

May 11, 2018 Iowa Legislature’s opioid bill did not go far enough

May 11, 2018 Santa Cruz County, CA needle litter

May 11, 2018 LETTER: Syringes the latest scourge of the Merrimack River - MA, NH

May 11, 2018 Inside York, PA's opioid battle: The women who help users stay alive

May 11, 2018 Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington: free online training on opioid crisis,  harm reduction

May 11, 2018 Hit Hard by Opioid Crisis, Appalachian States Expand Clean-Needle Programs

May 11, 2018 University of Colorado Anschutz Medical College Debunking myths of opioid use disorder

May 10, 2018 B.U.I.L.D., an organization of 26 religious congregations, called for improvements to Lexington, KY's existing needle exchange program

May 10, 2018 HEAL’s Harm Reduction program in Bangor, ME

May 10 , 2018 Regarding needle exchange programs, Surgeon General Adams said communities need to have a program that works best for them. Huntington, WV

May 9, 2018 Lawrence County, IN man who argued he had “legal authority” to possess two syringes under the county’s needle exchange program has lost his appeal

May 9, 2018 S.F., CA City Hall hands out 4.45 million syringes each year, says report

May 9, 2018 Wayne County, Indiana commissioners agree to extend syringe exchange for 2 years

May 9, 2018 King County, WA 2017 Drug Trends Report provides context for understanding the lives of drug users

May 9, 2018 NY Political Watch: Poll finds 90% believe opioids most insidious health crisis

May 9, 2018 Vitalyst Health Foundation awards 2018 innovation grants - Phoenix, AZ

May 8, 2018 Two new Access to Reproductive Care and HIV Services (ARCH) nurses join South Jersey AIDS Alliance, based in Atlantic City and includes a needle-exchange program

May 8, 2018 Opinion: Those needles littering the streets? The city gave them out - San Francisco, CA

May 8, 2018 Fentanyl Test Strip Research Ongoing in Baltimore, Boston, and Providence

May 8, 2018 Needle by Needle, a Heroin Crisis Grips California’s Rural North

May 8 ,2018 Needle exchange again the focus of Upshur-Buckhannon, WV Health Department meeting

May 7, 2018 Anne Arundel County, MD offers free hepatitis C testing as clean needle exchange talks stall

May 7, 2018 Arizona needle-exchange bill dies in legislature after losing momentum in Senate

May 7, 2018 Staten Island, NY DA Keeps Overdose Prevention Program Off His Turf

May 7, 2018 Charleston, W.V. mayor wants new needle exchange bill

May 7, 2018 Indiana Needle exchange program: 35 people tested positive for hepatitis C in April

May 7, 2018 Northwest Ohio Syringe Services and Lucas County’s needle exchange program offer free fentanyl test strips as part of harm reduction strategy

May 7, 2018 ‘The Narcan Lady’ Is on a One-Woman Mission for Harm Reduction in San Diego, CA

May 6, 2018 Opinion: Arizona Legislature does not make Honor Roll

May 5, 2018 Two magistrates in Scott County, KY asked to take fresh look at needle exchange

May 5, 2018 Chicopee, Massachusetts City Council considering needle exchange

May 5, 2018 Needle exchanges merit role in battle against opioid epidemic - San Antonio, TX

May 4, 2018 Congressional candidate and Lexington, KY Mayor hosts opioid council

May 4, 2018 Needle exchange program planned in Lorain County, OH

May 3, 2018 Benton-Franklin Health District in WA asked for funding to open a needle exchange

May 3, 2018 Maine can’t afford to play politics during the opioid epidemic

May 2, 2018 Maine Voices: We must demand that legislators fund care for those with substance use disorder Public health interventions save lives, but more friends and family will die if we don't pay for them now.

May 2, 2018 Chuck Isenhart of Dubuque, Iowa said he’ll keep lobbying to legalize needle exchange programs

May 2, 2018 Hepatitis C Cases increase for the United States, but decrease for Alaska

May 2, 2018 Harrison-Clarksburg Health Department's harm reduction programs serve the public's purpose well - Opinion WV

May 1, 2018 Street level programs in Merrimack Valley, MA are fighting spread of HIV

May 1, 2018 Allentown, the third-largest city in Pennsylvania, has no official disposal site for syringes

May 1, 2018 HIV cases down but stigma still exists in Scott County, IN

May 1, 2018 Kentucky, Indiana latest states to report hepatitis A outbreaks

May 1, 2018 Wyoming County, WV Health Department now offering mobile harm reduction program

May 1, 2018 JAMA Psychiatry Experts suggest Trump declare opioid epidemic a ‘national emergency’

April 30, 2018 Tampa, FL Guardian Angels among private citizens fighting the opioid crisis

April 30, 2018 An inside look at Snohomish County, WA's needle exchange

April 30, 2018 Feds sending $2M more for Vermont state addiction programs

April 30, 2018 Markey tackles opioid crisis in Town Hall meeting - Massachusetts

April 30, 2018 Changes in some laws might help combat opioid epidemic, Indiana report says

April 30, 2018 Butler County, OH adding second needle exchange service


April 29, 2018 Harrison County, WV harm reduction program sees 1,800 patient visits in first year

April 28, 2018 Harm Reduction in Grand Rapids, MN

April 28, 2018 Needle exchange program to begin in Upshur County, WV

April 27, 2018 Wyoming County, WV launches needle-exchange as part of harm reduction program

April 27, 2018 Two Pennsylvania university deans explain how state-wide needle exchange programs impact the opioid crisis

April 27, 2018  Why a City at the Center of the Opioid Crisis Gave Up a Tool to Fight It - WV

April 27, 2018 New needle exchange program coming to Pasco, WA

April 27, 2018 Indiana county considers needle exchange program contract

April 26, 2018 Democrats, Public Health Experts Highlight Lack of Funds as Opioid Bills Advance - Nationwide

April 26, 2018 Gateway to Hope needle exchange program sees its return rate increase - KY

April 26, 2018 Wilmington, NC Police annual report focuses on the opioid epidemic

April 26, 2018 St. Louis MO Opinion: Need clinical solutions, not punitive reactions, to opioid crisis

April 26, 2018 Iowa City native returns home to fight the harms of the opioid crisis

April 26, 2018 Bexar Co. TX DA Nico LaHood’s Office Green Lights Opioid Needle Exchange Program

April 26, 2018 Wisconsin Drug Awareness: Disposal

April 26, 2018 CLEVELAND, Ohio - Indicators of the scope of Northeast Ohio's opioid crisis: needles and ZIP codes

April 25, 2018 S.F. Pins Down Its Needle Problem

April 25, 2018 Virginia's first needle exchange could open this year, as localities seek support for the programs

April 25, 2018 Mobile needle exchange service proposed in Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Orange and Santa Ana

April 25, 2018 Anatomy of an Epidemic: How Louisville is Fighting Hepatitis A

April 25, 2018 Southern NH HIV/AIDS Task Force Goes Mobile, Citing Lack of Federal or State Funds

April 25, 2018 Blackford County, IN health department to provide education/ free Hep C/HIV testing to local recovery groups

April 25, 2018 San Antonio, TX DA office’s support gives opioid task force green light to pursue needle exchange program

April 25, 2018 Addiction expert: Providing clean needles luncheon speech for the National Council of Jewish Women’s (NCJW) Essex County, NJ Section

April 24, 2018 Atlantic City, NJ needs syringe access program of S.J. AIDS Alliance, says Carol Harney

April 24, 2018 Syringe Sales Without a Prescription: What Pharmacists Think

April 24, 2018 Missouri Lawmakers consider implementing needle-exchange program

April 24, 2018 Harm reduction expert calls KCHD program a "model" - Charleston, WV

April 24, 2018 WV Infectious disease expert briefs Congress on needle exchange

April 24, 2018 Cambridge, MA City Manager appoints Administrative Opioid Working Group

April 24, 2018 MN STDs, hepatitis C infections continue to rise

April 24, 2018 Using Harm Reduction Strategies to End the Opioid and Hepatitis B and C Epidemics - Washington, DC speaker from WVU

April 23, 2018 Nashua Needle Exchange Program Aims To Make A Difference In Southern N.H.

April 23, 2018 Batavia, IL woman provides clean needles, naloxone to drug addicts

April 23, 2018 Austin, TX-based organization provides syringe access services to help save lives

April 23, 2018 Officials seeking needle exchange program in WV

April 22, 2018 Drug-overdose deaths decline in Berkeley County, WV

April 22, 2018 Iowa State Editorial: The lingering issue with opioids

April 22, 2018 WV Official: Increases in acute hepatitis C, increased testing

April 22, 2018 As opioid fight continues, Whatcom, WA is giving this away to the community to save lives

April 21, 2018 Amid opioid epidemic, hepatitis C patients getting younger - NY

April 21, 2018 Maine State Legislature isn’t addressing drug crisis, critics say

April 20, 2018 Professionals gather in Hagerstown, MD to discuss opioid epidemic

April 20, 2018 Arizona Needle Exchange Bill Stalls In Legislature, Despite Wide Support

April 20, 2018 Georgia - Pastor: church could give syringes legally

April 19, 2018 Opinion: Make needle exchanges legal throughout Texas

April 19, 2018 Orange County, CA's needle exchange awaits state approval for mobile service

April 19, 2018 The legacy of Maine's 128th Legislature on opioid issues is "up for grabs" in the next couple of week

April 19, 2018 ‘We’ve got to keep people alive’: Forum highlights problems, explores solutions to opioid epidemic - North Carolina

April 19, 2018 Cincinnati, OH - With overdose deaths up, what's ahead? We ask experts on the front lines of the epidemic

April 19, 2018 Indiana's Madison County tops state in hepatitis C cases per capita

April 19, 2018 Thumbs up…to reports showing needle exchange decreases needle sharing, increases HIV testing. Madison Co. KY

April 19, 2018 Chico, CA City Council Requests Syringe Exchange Talks

April 18, 2018 Scott County, IN renews needle exchange program

April 18, 2018 Upshur County, WV Health dept. to launch needle exchange program

April 18, 2018 WA Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health to address opioid crisis

April 18, 2018 Positive steps seen in tackling opioid crisis - Brattleboro, VT

April 18, 2018 KY Officials break down the Hep A outbreak

April 18, 2018 Lexington-Fayette County, KY Health Department To Add Second Day For Needle-Exchange Program and Lexington-Fayette Expanding Needle Exchange

April 18, 2018 It's ludicrous that Camden, NJ doesn't have a needle exchange

April 18, 2018 Series: Opioid Crisis on the Hi-Line - Montana

April 18, 2018 How The Opioid Crisis Could Lead To More Cases Of Liver Cancer In Oregon

April 18, 2018 Opioid Crisis Fuels A Spike In HIV Infections, And Experts Fear There’s More To Come

April 18, 2018 Opioid Crisis Causes Rise In Local Cincinnati HIV Infections

April 17, 2018 County's privatized needle exchange: Half a year later, what's changed? - WA

April 17, 2018 Six new syringe disposal sites planned for Portland OR area

April 17, 2018 CDC says addiction treatment, syringe service programs are key in preventing spread of Hep C - Kentucky

April 17, 2018 Crowd-Sourced Data Pinpoints Patterns of Needle Discard: Study shows harm-reduction opportunity in '311' info - Boston, MA

April 17, 2018 Magistrate Burke urges revival of needle-exchange talks - KY

April 17, 2018 Kentucky Leading Adoption of Needle Exchanges

April 17, 2018 How the City of San Francisco Is Tackling the Intertwined HIV/HCV and Opioid Epidemics

April 16, 2018 Charleston, WV Harm reduction task force to meet, city police, fire won't attend

April 16, 2018 Tippacanoe County's Two Future Mobile Units - IN

April 16, 2018 Eastern KY Needle exchange programs look to rehabilitate users and prevent spread of disease

April 15, 2018 New toll in Lowell, MA's opioid crisis: HIV rise

April 15, 2018 ‘You are saving lives’: NC Gov. Cooper praises Wilson’s community response to opioid crisis

April 13, 2018 In Anchorage, AK spring cleanups, syringe access program donates biohazard containers for needle litter

April 12, 2018 Greenbrier County, WV Health Department holds harm reduction program

April 12, 2018 National Mayors’ Institute on Opioids Includes City-County Delegations from Tacoma, Wash., Knoxville, Tenn.; Madison, Wis.; Huntington, W.Va.; Manchester, N.H.; and New Bedford, Mass.

April 12, 2018 Cleveland, OH Syringe Access Van On Fentanyl Test Strips

April 12, 2018 ‘We’re dying’: Feds hear from Utahns fighting on the frontline of the state’s rural opioids crisis

April 12, 2018 Knox Co. TN Health Dept. battling potential HIV, Hepatitis C outbreak

April 11, 2018 Maine faith leaders host vigil at State House - call for action on funding syringe access

April 11, 2018 No condoms at needle exchange on Mercy Health grounds after all - OH & KY

April 11, 2018 Kentucky Will Soon Lead Nation In Syringe Exchanges, But Work Isn’t Done

April 11, 2018 Maryville, Health District disagree on needle exchange program - WA

April 10, 2018 Professor discusses complexities of drug addiction - Ithaca, NY

April 10, 2018 Conversation begins on needle exchanges in Louisiana State Legislature

April 10, 2018 Opioid Crisis: Harm Reduction Comes to Santa Cruz

April 10, 2018 Surgeon General Supports Needle Exchanges To Limit Disease From Opioid Crisis - WV

April 10, 2018 Operation Rio Grande: How Two Cities Are Dealing With The Fallout UT

April 10, 2018 Pacific Pride Foundation Hosts Only Syringe Access Program in Santa Barbara County, CA

April 10, 2018 Alaska State officials will try to learn more about opioid crisis in FNSB

April 10, 2018 Georgia State Lawmakers lament lack of opioid legislation

April 9, 2018 Harm-reduction clinic opens in Jackson Co. IN

April 9, 2018 Southern Illinois non-profit helps lower spread of diseases through used needles

April 9, 2018 Chattanooga CARES nonprofit starts syringe exchange in Tennessee to combat drug abuse

April 9, 2018 U.S. Surgeon General Brings Naloxone and Syringe Access Message To Northern Kentucky

April 9, 2018 Portland, ME faces uphill battle in lawsuit against opioid makers amid growing need for services

April 8, 2018 Condom giveaways, needle exchanges Are Catholic hospitals called to more? Cincinnati, OH

April 8, 2018 New NC State-funded Grants Available to Combat Opioid Crisis

April 7, 2018 Alaska Health care providers call for syringe exchange

April 7, 2018 GKVF announces 8 grants, including harm-reduction program in Charleston, WV

April 7, 2018 Factoring in fentanyl: Number of fatal overdoses increases in Frederick County, VA

April 7, 2018 Here are possible ways to combat the opioid crisis - Columbus, OH

April 7, 2018 Discussions lead to possible solutions to opioid crisis - Trumbull Co. OH

April 7, 2018 Some patients find path to recovery through needle exchange program - Charleston, WV

April 6, 2018 Pacific Pride Foundation opens new office in Santa Maria

April 6, 2018 Hartford, CT Secures Grant To Combat Syphilis, On The Rebound In Connecticut And The Country

April 6, 2018 Seattle police release narcotics trend numbers that show methamphetamine skyrocketing

April 6, 2018 Fentanyl abuse linked to HIV infection uptick in Lawrence, MA

April 6, 2018 Rampant opioid injection: 'A ticking time bomb' that puts all Americans at risk for disease - Louisville, KY

April 5, 2018 New Santa Cruz, CA Harm Reduction Coalition bucks voices saying ‘shut it all down’

April 5, 2018 $100K Bloomberg grant green lights local addiction research, sets stage for possible larger grant - Ithaca, NY

April 5, 2018 New syringe exchange program coming to Pasco, WA

April 5, 2018 HIV is surging in Lawrence and Lowell, MA. The CDC wants to know why

April 5, 2018 Eye on Augusta ME: An Immigrant Center, Needle Exchanges, & More

April 4, 2018 A Radical Reversal: San Francisco has one of the lowest fatal-overdose rates in the U.S. Here's why.

April 4, 2018 Statistics ‘show value’ of needle exchange program in Grant Co. KY

April 4, 2018 Another unfortunate consequence from opioid epidemic - Henderson County, NC

April 3, 2018 Cincinnati Author and Former Addiction Counselor Examines Lives Caught in an Appalachian Crisis

April 2, 2018 MaineGeneral needle exchange program expands to Waterville, ME

April 2, 2018 Durham County, NC Launches a Safe-Syringe Program and Will Offer Free Narcan Kits to Combat the Opioid Epidemic

April 1, 2018 TAGline Spring 2018: News on the Fight To End HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, And Tuberculosis  

April 1, 2018 It’s up to You, New York: Moving towards HCV Elimination in the Empire State

April 1, 2018 Expanding needle exchange good for WA region

March 31, 2018 Letters: Syringe exchanges don't 'send wrong message' IN

March 31, 2018 VT/NH Officials Credit Reversal Drug With Leveling of Overdose Deaths

March 31, 2018 Gallia Health Department, OH releases annual report

March 31, 2018 OH Rural communities overwhelmed with hepatitis see few options

March 31, 2018 Raleigh, WV Health Department adding needle exchange to harm reduction program

March 31, 2018 In battle against opioid addiction, Wilmington, NC forms overdose team

March 31, 2018 Questions and answers about Charleston, WV needle exchange programs

March 31, 2018 Details about Cabell needle exchange surface after Charleston needle debate WV

March 30, 2018 Exchange of Ideas: How A Rural Kentucky County Overcame Fear To Adopt A Needle Exchange *Includes Time-Lapse Map of Ohio Valley Syringe Access Programs

March 30, 2018 Atlantic City, NJ Council weighing options on needle exchange program

March 30, 2018 Georgia's legislative session ends without authorizing syringe access

March 30, 2018 Arizona close to legalizing needle exchange programs

March 30, 2018 Former AZ prosecutor and judge speaks up about opioid policy

March 30, 2018 Grant Co. KY syringe exchange program continues to reduce threat of disease, connect to treatment

March 30, 2018 Newsmaker: Tyler Bartholomew, advocate for needle exchange program

March 29, 2018 Preston County, WV needle exchange program continues doing well

March 29, 2018 Huntington, WV syringe exchange program to continue

March 28, 2018 Syringe services program begins in Clermont County, OH

March 28, 2018 Health board wants lawyer to review Charleston police chief's rules

March 28, 2018 Needle exchanges for drug users could go statewide in Louisiana

March 28, 2018 Atlantic City Council Questions Future Of NJ’s Largest Needle Program

March 28, 2018 Catholic Rules Ban Condoms at Kentucky Needle Exchanges: ‘Where’s Galileo When You Really Need Him?’

March 28, 2018 Needle Program in Grant County, KY Showing Positive Results

March 28, 2018 Healing Drug Injection Wounds Can Help Get Care Closer To Patients - PA

March 27, 2018 Fiscal Court officials strike down needle exchange proposal in Lawrence County, Ky.

March 27, 2018 Harm Reduction A Priority For Those Combating Opioid Epidemic IN

March 27, 2018 Pasco needle exchange a first for the Tri-Cities, WA

March 27, 2018 Arizona bill would legalize needle-exchange programs

March 27, 2018 Iowa lawmakers should finally allow needle-exchange programs

March 27, 2018 Charleston mayor donates $5,000 to WV Health Right’s needle exchange program

March 27, 2018 ACLU-WV says they will be investigating communications relating to the needle exchange program among all City of Charleston agencies and institutions

March 27, 2018 WV Official: KCHD needle-exchange program will resume

March 27, 2018 WV State health bureau to evaluate Kanawha County harm reduction program

March 26, 2018 Charleston, WV Councilwoman: Mayor threatened to remove council members from committees over their votes to delay taking action on a bill that would have eliminated the needle exchange program

March 26, 2018 WV Kanawha County Health department suspends needle-exchange portion of harm reduction clinic

March 26, 2018 Arizona bill would legalize needle-exchange programs

March 25, 2018 Syringe exchange preparation part of Owensboro drug alliance's strategic plan for 2018 KY

March 25, 2018 WA Blue Mountain Heart to Heart celebrates progress

March 25, 2018 Berkeley County, WV drug overdose deaths down

March 24, 2018 Recovery experts: Misconceptions fuel addiction crisis NH

March 24, 2018 Needle Exchange Debate on "Inside West Virginia Politics"

March 24, 2018 Southern Indiana opioid threats down

March 24, 2018 Harrison County needle exchange sees rise in syringe numbers

March 23, 2018 TN Senate approves bill that could lead to needle exchange programs throughout the state

March 23, 2018 Area Prevention Specialists Learn New Tactics at Opioid Forum - Iowa

March 23, 2018 Hepatitis A precautions urged as more Louisville businesses affected

March 23, 2018 Hepatitis C infections on the rise - OH

March 23, 2018 WV drug policy director resigns after defending needle exchange

March 23, 2018 Coalition Address Nation's Opioid Crisis in Mason City, Iowa

March 22, 2018 The search for solutions in America's opioid crisis - UAB - Alabama

March 22, 2018 Maple Grove Civic Club Hears About Opioid Epidemic, MA

March 22, 2018 Surgeon General Talks Indiana Opioid Crisis

March 22, 2018 Aspire board approves needle exchange program in Madison County, IN

March 22, 2018 Why aren’t needle exchanges legal in PA? 

March 21, 2018 Charleston, WV Needle exchange has gone on for 7 years under the radar

March 21, 2018 IN Letters: 'I was using 40 to 60 syringes each week'

March 21, 2018 Arizona needle-exchange bill gets watered down in state Senate

March 21, 2018 $2 million for additional peer recovery coaches across West Virginia.

March 21, 2018 Needle exchange begins distributing retractable needles in Charleston, WV

March 21, 2018 Raleigh County, WV Considers Syringe Access

March 21, 2018 Taking A Bold STEP Forward - Chattanooga, TN

March 20, 2018 View: Missouri needs to join states with legal needle exchanges

March 20, 2018 'Needle exchanges' can counter drug abuse, disease, N.C. police tell Iowa legislators

March 20, 2018 Official worries of 'domino effect' if Charleston, WV needle exchange program closes

March 20, 2018 Scott County, IN improves health in community, state rankings

March 20, 2018 Racine County, WI report on drug-related overdoses and preventive resources

March 19, 2018 Charleston, WV council delays vote on needle-exchange program for 60 days

March 19, 2018 University of MI Study: Social, public health services crucial in fight against HIV/AIDS

March 18, 2018 PA public health leaders urge Gov. to decriminalize syringe exchanges

March 18, 2018 Ohio County gives out new syringes

March 17, 2018 OH County Health Department's needle exchange program continues after 2 1/2 years

March 17, 2018 Data shows most harm reduction patients live in Kanawha County, WV

March 16, 2018 Seven Cities Medic Collective Raises Funds for Harm Reduction Kits in VA

March 16, 2018 Kentucky city releases 2-year plan to fight drug epidemic

March 15, 2018 TN - Syringe exchange program provides users with clean needles, offers help

March 15, 2018 Chattanooga Cares begins needle exchange

March 15, 2018 Iowans Push to Legalize Underground Needle Exchange

March 15, 2018 SF, Amsterdam on 'Fast-Track' to reduce HIV

March 15, 2018 Officials: Needle Program in Wheeling, WV Doing Its Job

March 15, 2018 Jeffrey Singer: Arizona needs legalized needle exchanges

March 15, 2018 Indiana Needle exchange expands from 1 day a week to 4

March 15, 2018 Use emergency power to allow drug needle, syringe exchanges: Pennsylvania health leaders

March 14, 2018 An NYU Nurse-Epidemiologist Tackles Opioid Crisis Myths and Facts

March 14, 2018 Homer, Alaska gives voice to state’s response plan for opioid epidemic

March 14, 2018 Moving Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit in HCV Diagnosis and Treatment

March 14, 2018 Treating People Who Inject Drugs: How to Reach a Difficult-to-Engage Population

March 13, 2018 Needle exchange program a no-go in Anderson Township, OH due to 'risk posed'

March 13, 2018 Why it’s not ‘enabling’ to make drug use safer

March 13, 2018 Brumage defends Charleston, WV needle exchange program

March 13, 2018 Clark County, KY Needle Exchange Program expands

March 13, 2018 Needle Exchange Program Won't Come to West Virginia Town

March 12, 2018 Eureka, CA Councilmember, Candidate, Share Different Views on Needle Exchange Ordinance

March 12, 2018 Mercer, WV Commissioners budgeting for opioid fight - mobile syringe access

March 12, 2018 AZ State bill could decriminalize Pima County's longstanding needle exchange

March 12, 2018 New Jersey Needs More Syringe Exchanges For Drug Users

March 11, 2018 West Virginia Officials address concerns about syringe exchange

March 11, 2018 Iowa Lawmakers can do much more on opioids

March 10, 2018 Research, experts: ending needle exchange in Charleston, WV won't make problems disappear

March 10, 2018 Hepatitis A Vaccine Available at Syringe Access Program Amid Louisville Outbreak

March 10, 2018 Bill to expand Miami-Dade needle exchange program will not pass this year, FL sponsor says

March 9, 2018 A Doctor's 11th-Hour Push To Convince Florida Legislators To Save Lives With Needle Exchange

March 9, 2018 First Needle Exchange in Fargo, ND Might Open within Two Months

March 9, 2018 Proposal to Look at Syringe Exchange Program in Chico, CA

March 8, 2018 Portland, OR plan to increase drop-box sites for easier syringe disposal

March 8, 2018 Anderson, OH Township trustees vote against needle exchange program

March 8, 2018 New CDC research links Scott County syringe program with HIV prevention

March 8, 2018 Iowans are trying to legalize an underground needle exchange

March 8, 2018 New Lowell, MA Needle exchange aims to curb HIV, other diseases

March 7, 2018 Peoria, IL North Valley needle exchange draws both praise, resistance

March 7, 2018 Hickory, NC advocate urges city budget for needle exchange

March 7, 2018 Eureka, CA Passes Syringe Management Ordinance

March 6, 2018 What's It Really Like Inside Lexington, KY's Needle Exchange Program?

March 5, 2018 Will needle exchange bill make it to finish line in Georgia?

March 5, 2018 Charleston, WV police chief, former health department leader debate needle exchange

March 4, 2018 Ag-Expert Panel Says Solutions To Opioid Abuse Best Found Locally - Kansas City

March 4, 2018 Efforts continue in West Virginia to extend decline of opioid deaths; barriers remain

March 3, 2018 Disease prevention focus of harm reduction program in Greenbrier County, WV

March 3, 2018 Letter: Hyacinth has proven record in needle exchange in Paterson, NJ

March 3, 2018 CDC: WV counties where HIV outbreak detected had no needle exchange

March 3, 2018 Ohio Valley - Rural Risk: Fighting Disease Amid The Opioid Crisis

March 2, 2018 Homeless shelter run by the needle-exchange program Prevention Point, in Philadelphia, PA

March 2, 2018 Needle Exchange Finally Coming To Springfield, MA

March 2, 2018 ‘Brothers and sisters, mothers and grandmothers.’ Rural needle exchange keeps folks alive - Washington

March 2, 2018 Eureka, CA City Ordinance set to lower syringe litter

March 1, 2018 Springfield, MA approves needle exchange program

March 1, 2018 Clean Syringe Exchange in Peoria, IL: “I stand with them”

March 1, 2018 Behavioral health group formed to fight opioid epidemic - Baton Rouge, LA

March 1, 2018 Salyersville City Council Okays Needle Exchange - KY

March 1, 2018 Needle exchanges: Should it be legal? - AZ

March 1, 2018 Charleston, WV mayor will seek to close needle exchange service

February 28, 2018 Story spurs donors to pay for needle exchange in Wolfe county, KY

February 28, 2018 Springfield, Ill. - Helping those who use: Springfield Harm Reduction Initiative

February 28, 2018 Syringe Exchange Expands To Carbon County, Utah

February 27, 2018 Needle exchanges coming to Newport and Clermont County, Greater Cincinnati & NKY

February 27, 2018 Harm reduction program coming to Greenbrier County, WV

February 27, 2018 Needle exchange program could expand to Palm Beach County, FL

February 27, 2018 With Approval in Newport, Two Needle Exchange Programs Can Open in NKY

February 27, 2018 Company gives Delaware $325K in grants for opioid crisis

February 26, 2018 Missouri House passes bill allowing free needles to drug users

February 26, 2018 Pittsburgh, PA Researchers say data offers hope in the opioid epidemic

February 26, 2018 Newport, KY Approves Needle Exchange With HIV Cluster Testing Underway

February 26, 2018 Needle exchange program concerns some Charleston, WV officials

February 26, 2018 Needle exchange could slow spread of disease in Iowa

February 24, 2018 Plumas County, CA new access systems

February 24, 2018 North Dakota's first syringe exchange program tackles trust issues

February 23, 2018 Needle exchange program coming to Brown County, OH

February 23, 2018 Needle Exchange Could Finally Come To Springfield, MA After Health Council Vote

February 23, 2018 Chesterfield County, VA applies to open syringe access program

February 23, 2018 Arizona needle-exchange bill passes House with unanimous, bipartisan support

February 22, 2018 Florida voters support needle exchange program 56%-20%

February 22, 2018 Manchester, NH mayor backs needle exchange

February 22, 2018 HIV testing campaign rolls out in NKY; needle exchange decision to come soon in Newport

February 22, 2018 Tippecanoe County, IN Needle Exchange Touts Increasing Return Rate After Six Months

February 22, 2018 Dialogue on opioid crisis focuses on causes and solutions: Poughkeepsie, NY

February 22, 2018 Aspire wants comprehensive program to fight spread of hepatitis C, HIV - Indiana

February 21, 2018 The Myth of What’s Driving the Opioid Crisis

February 21, 2018 Our Opinion: Uniting stakeholders to overcome opioid epidemic in Wilson - North Carolina

February 21, 2018 Flatlining: Scott's Budget Ignores Opioid Crisis, Critics Say - Vermont

February 21, 2018 Midwest Harm Reduction Institute Sees Progress

February 20, 2018 The Poison We Pick

February 20, 2018 Arizona House considers legalizing needle exchange programs

February 20, 2018 How to beat the opioid crisis using the tools of public health - Wisconsin

February 20, 2018  Tippecanoe Co. Commissioners Delay Moving Exchange Program - Indiana

February 19, 2018 New director of WV's Office of Drug Control Policy shares vision

February 19, 2018 Volunteers put together life-saving kits to combat opioid crisis - North Carolina

February 17, 2018 Providing help: Syringe exchange working as it adds new locations - Indiana

February 17, 2018 Missouri House Approves Needle Exchange Bill (HB 1620)

February 17, 2018 Florida bill aimed to expand needle exchange programs

February 17, 2018 Report: 'Vague awareness' of opioid epidemic in El Paso County, CO

February 16, 2018 Las Vegas, NV Needle exchange program is success, continues to grow

February 15, 2018 Kentucky City Approves Needle Exchange Program For Drug Users

February 14, 2018 WV Harm Reduction Program needs city support

February 14, 2018 Commission van will put the Harm Reduction Program on the move - WY

February 14, 2018 Georgia's HB 161 Passed House Health and Human Services Committee

February 14, 2018 Frederick, MD Health Dept. Looking At Establishing Needle Exchange

February 14, 2018 Project 4-14 aims to save lives in memory of one lost - Ohio

February 14, 2018 Nashville, TN AIDS awareness group offering needle exchange

February 13, 2018 Why Police Need to Get Behind Needle Exchanges

February 13, 2018 Lawmakers consider syringe exchange program in Iowa

February 12, 2018 Statewide needle-exchange program will save lives of opioid-addicted Floridians

February 12, 2018 Ex-health workers say closing New Haven, CT needle exchange fueled ODs

February 12, 2018 Fargo, ND leaders vote for new syringe exchange program downtown

February 12, 2018 Churches in Richmond, KY become sites for syringe exchanges; want to be part of the solution

February 8, 2018 Register Now! Hidden Casualties Webinars: National Partners’ Response to the Opioid Epidemic & Infectious Diseases from HHS

February 7, 2018 NIH and opioid response get boost in Senate budget deal

February 6, 2018 Study: Lorain County, OH missing 3 key treatment methods to fight opioid crisis

February 3, 2018 Overdose calls rise; deaths drop on Cape and Islands - MA

February 3, 2018 Opioid epidemic may be responsible for more HIV cases - Fredericksburg, VA

February 2, 2018 As More Turn From Prescription Opioids To Heroin, Can Arizona Keep Up?

February 2, 2018 California To Drug Users: We’ll Pay For You To Test Your Dope

February 2, 2018 Dispelling myths: Syringe exchange helps communities - Hudson, NY

February 1, 2018  As Nation Struggles to Confront Opioid Crisis; Fund Announces $2.4M for Syringe Service Programs and Policy

February 1, 2018 Orange County’s only needle exchange shuts down after Santa Ana denies permit

January 31, 2018 The Surprising Ease of Buying Fentanyl Online

January 31, 2018 5 common misconceptions about Philly’s ‘safe-injection site’ (aka CUES)

January 30, 2018 Is 20.8 Million Pain Pills Over a Decade a Lot for One Town? It Depends.

January 29, 2017 Safe Injection Facilities Save Lives

January 27, 2018 Letter Writing Campaign - Legalize Syringe Exchange in Iowa

January 26, 2018 With 175 Americans dying a day, what are the solutions to the opioid epidemic?

January 26, 2018 What it will take to fight the opioid epidemic: Sens. Roy Blunt and Shelley Capito

January 25, 2018 Why some US cities are opening safe spaces for injecting heroin

January 24, 2018 Philadelphia to establish ‘safe injection sites’

January 24, 2017 Safe injection site uproar reminds Rendell of needle exchange fight 27 years ago

January 24, 2018 In Washington, DC, people who use opioids confront the epidemic and intervene to stop death

January 24, 2018 Needle Exchange Program Passes Committee - Florida

January 23, 2017 Safe injection sites to fight opioid overdose deaths get green light from Philadelphia officials

January 17, 2018 The Wrong Way to Treat Opioid Addiction

January 10, 2018 Increases in Acute Hepatitis C Virus Infection Related to a Growing Opioid Epidemic and Associated Injection Drug Use, United States, 2004 to 2014

January 10, 2018 Opioid Crisis: No Easy Fix to Its Social and Economic Determinants

January 10, 2018 To understand why America’s opioid epidemic keeps getting worse, just look at this map

January 14, 2018 Mapping How The Opioid Epidemic Sparked An HIV Outbreak

January 13, 2018 Needle exchange advocates ask [Pennsylvania] governor to do more

January 9, 2018 NKY, Cincinnati see sharp rise in HIV cases linked to injected drug use; CDC to assist NKY

December 15, 2017 Clean needle programs allowed under New Orleans City Council measure

November 2017 Whitewashed: The African American Opioid Epidemic

June 21, 2017 Syringe Services: A Critical Piece to Ending the HIV Epidemic

More from 2016

January 27, 2016 Hoosier county starting to more use of needle-exchange program

January 21, 2016 New Efforts To Address America’s Growing Addiction Crisis

January 21, 2018 How a ‘Perfect Storm’ in New Hampshire Has Fueled an Opioid Crisis

January 18, 2016 New Access To Federal Funds For Syringe Exchange Is Welcome Support For Rural Areas Facing Addiction

January 11, 2016 A boost for needle exchanges

January 6, 2016 Republicans in Congress ended the decades-long funding ban on needle exchange programs

December 16, 2015 HIV Outbreak costs state $58 million

December 15, 2015 Law Enforcement Lead West Virginia Efforts to Implement Syringe Exchange Programs

December 10, 2015 Few needle exchanges in small towns, suburbs hit by surge in heroin use

December 3, 2015 Scott Co. health officials sharing what they've learned about HIV with the rest of the country

November 30, 2015 Memorial hosted for heroin deaths

November 23, 2015 Thousands of drug users are rescuing each other with antidote naloxone

November 17, 2015 Here's What You Need to Know About HIV Before You Read Anything About Charlie Sheen

November 12, 2015 Proposed city budget includes needle exchange program

November 9, 2015 Hoosier Survey finds public support for needle exchanges

November 5, 2015 Chris Christie Makes Emotional Plea To Rethink Drug Addiction Treatment

October 30, 2015 Drug czar asks state to help, not jail offenders

October 21, 2015 Obama Strikes Personal Note as He Urges Help for Addiction

October 14, 2015 Sheriff hires additional officer to combat HIV drug problem

October 12, 2015 Syringe Exchange Program in Monongalia County Helps Those with Addiction

October 7, 2015 Research: Needle-sharing dropped among addicts using Indiana exchange

September 28, 2015 Charleston to possibly launch needle exchange program by December

September 22, 2015 Council Approves Ordinance to Legalize Needle Possession for Potential Needle Exchange Program

September 15, 2015 UC doctor takes on heroin epidemic with needle exchange program

September 9, 2015 Needle-exchange program quietly protects public health

September 1, 2015 Louisville expands needle exchange program as S. Indiana HIV cases increase

August 24, 2015 Up to 20 Indiana counties may soon have needle exchange

August 12, 2015 State officials: Heroin overdose deaths spike in Mississippi

July 22, 2015 Training Begins for Syringe Exchange Program

July 13, 2015 Editorial: State should play big part in syringe program

July 10, 2015 As national heroin rates surge, Miami-Dade still lacks a needle exchange program

July 1, 2015 DHHR to Launch Syringe Exchange in Cabell County

June 30, 2015 District sees ‘remarkable’ drop in number of newly reported HIV cases

June 24, 2015 Needle-Exchange Programs Could Prevent HIV Outbreaks, Experts Say

June 23, 2015 How Syringe Exchanges Help Stem the Spread of HIV

June 9, 2015 Louisville begins syringe drop & swap program

June 1, 2015 Needle exchange plans include street outreach

May 20, 2015 Internist Speaks Volumes for Those Suffering in Silence

May 13, 2015 A critical need for needle exchanges in NC

May 2, 2015 Work to prevent opiate drug abuse

April 24, 2015 HIV outbreak in Indiana grows

April 24, 2015 MMWR: Community Outbreak of HIV Infection Linked to Injection Drug Use of Oxymorphone

April 17, 2015 Rural Indiana HIV Outbreak Has Now Infected 130 People

April 17, 2015 At Least 120 Now Infected In Indiana HIV Outbreak

April 11, 2015 Rural Indiana county’s HIV outbreak tops 100 cases

April 3, 2015 Activists Blame Indiana HIV Outbreak on Officials’ Ignorance About the Disease

March 30, 2015 How an HIV outbreak hit rural Indiana — and why we should be paying attention